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Yesterday's Nintendo Direct featured the official reveal of SPLATOON 3!!! Need we say more?
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The age old question still hasn't been answered. Which came first? Time to pick a side...again!
The end of 2019 marks the continuation of a prolonged drought of updates to Splatoon 2. Fortunately, 2020 intends to serve up not one, but two additional Splatoon 2 patches in the coming months.
In the past, Fornite has welcomed the likes of John Wick , Pennywise, and Thanos into its world. Now, is it time for some squids to grab a victory royale?
Splatoon 2's patch 4.5.0 doesn't drop until tomorrow, but Nintendo has made available the expected changes for tomorrow's update in a patch notes release.
Our online Splatoon 2 tournament series returns with our next event slated for Sunday, March 17th!
Reported earlier today by MyNintendoNews, Splatoon 2 players should expect an incoming update arriving sometime in the middle of next month.
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Hello squids! Here today with an update on Squidboards' sister website Smashboards!

On June 3rd Smashboards will be undergoing a very large update for most of the day. Squidboards will not be seeing the same large update, at least for a while, but it will be affected by this upgrade.
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Looking to prepare for the US Inkling Open later this month? Why not try your hand at our warm-up event next weekend!?
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