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Hello squids and kids! It seems that a particularly sneaky Octoling hacked into Splatoon and discovered top secret information! We've made sure that our turf is secure here at Squidboards and got all of the information we could on this leak. New stages, weapons, and even game modes have been revealed by mining data so there is a lot to explore. From here on out spoilers will be abundant, so for those who want to keep all of this fresh upon release leave while...

It is with great sadness we come to all of the Squidboards Inklings with this news. It has been announced that the first Splatfest in North America has been delayed. Confirmed by both the Splatoon Tumblr and Nintendo Of America's Twitter, it seems this is due to an issue that took place during the first Splatfest in Japan (Rice vs Bread). Here is the official statement:

"Unfortunately, a matchmaking issue was...

Hello to all them squids and kids, it's time for a Splatoon update! Here's the freshest news hot off the battlefield. The second ever Splatfest will be taking place this weekend in North America. Cat lovers will take on dog lovers in an epic battle to decide which is the best pet! Nintendo has released another video to get players excited for the event as well. While mostly similar to the previous video released for...

Ever imagined seeing Splatoon on an older console? Wonder what it might be like if Splatoon had be around to be enjoyed for many years prior? Well here's a chance to see just what that might have looked like! Meet The Regressor, an artist who "regressivly" models and textures "contemporary characters inspired by the 3D limitations of the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Dreamcast video games." His most recent project was to take Splatoon and give the world a...
Recently Squidboards reported on a potential leak that would say some sort of crossover between Splatoon and Super Mario Sunshine would be coming sooln, with a potentiall new weapon in F.L.U.D.D. and amiibo compatibility with the Mario amiibo. Recently, a total of nine pictures have surfaced which could poitentially point to this crossover being a real possibility. Keep in mind this is E3 week and fake leaks are certainly...
Splatoon just can't stop staying fresh! Another small wave of new content is coming to Splatoon in two weapons: L-3 Nozzlenose and the Custom E-litre 3K! Pictures of them were released across several Nintendo Splatoon outlets with small pieces of information as well. The Custom E-litre 3K will have the Squid Beacon as its sub weapon and the Kraken as its special weapon. The L-3 Nozzlenose will fire 3 shots whenever the trigger is pulled, and is described to have high "hit accuracy". Its sub weapon is the...
Splatoon has captured the imaginations of gamers and artists worldwide. Now, what happens when Splatoon catches the eye of a world-class Minecraft player? The result is a cleverly, faithfully, and charmingly designed Splatoon mini-game within the fertile realm of Minecraft.

We were able to chat with prominent Youtuber and Minecraft star SethBling regarding his Splatoon port. According to Seth, the game first demonstrated project potential after he saw streams and discovered how fun the game looked. He also commented that it inspired him because of how well suited Splatoon was to be...​

Welcome back squids and kids for another exciting news update! The first ever Splatfest has ended in Japan, and it seems that the winner of the best breakfast food is rice! Callie seems very pleased with herself but it was certainly a close match, as Rice came in at 58% and bread came in at 42%. Don't feel down down Marie, we still have Pop vs Rock and Cats vs Dogs to decide!

According to SpaltoonJP, the...

Splatoon really knows how to stay fresh! Tonight at 7pm PT the Splash-o-matic will become available to use. While no official stats have been released it was described by Splatoon JP as a "blazing fast shooter." It's sub weapon is the Suction Bomb and the special weapon is Bomb Rush. Pictures of the Splash-o-matic in action can be found below. So get ready for another inkcredible weapon for Splatoon, and be sure to stay fresh!...

Splatoon just keeps itself so inkredibly fresh; the game has gotten the Ink Brush, Splatfests are on the way, and yet another exciting addition is coming in the new stage Kelp Dome! It seems to have an interesting layout, with an inner, maze-like structure that's covered in ink resistant glass which should...
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