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If you weren't excited enough for the first ever Splatfest in Japan, here's something else to keep things fresh until it begins! A pre-Splatfest video has been released featuring music from Squid Sisters; Callie and Marie. The video shows off what look to be new maps, shows how Inkopolis and stages look at night, give previews of Splatfest shirts for the three currently announced upcoming...

All of the squids and kids in Canada are in for a real treat this summer. Nintendo Canada has announced they will be running a Splatoon Canadian Summer Tour! They'll be traveling along in the Splatoon Splatter truck and letting Nintendo fans try the game. Alongside this, there will be a chance to enter a drawing to win a Splatoon Prize Pack. The drawing will take place each week and two luck winners will take home a copy of the game, a Splatoon amiibo 3-pack, and a Splatoon themed skin to customize a Wii...

The official Japanese Splatoon account on Twitter announced today that Splatfests have been added to the Japanese Splatoon website. It seems the first Splatfest in Japan will have Rice against Bread to decide which is the better breakfast option! It will take place from June 13th through 14th starting at 6pm the 13th and ending at 6pm the 14th.

Players will be able to vote for their choice...

Any squids, kids, or squidkids in Europe who just can't get enough Splatoon in their lives here is some good news! Nintendo Europe announced on their Twitter account that Splatoon themed New 3DS cover plates would be available on June 26th in Europe. This comes as an extra pleasant surprise as they were originally planned to be released in July. Here's to keeping New 3DSs everywhere...
When Squidboards was launched we mentioned that there would be some contests! The first contest drawing was originally meant to have a poll which was left out by mistake in all the hussle of launching the site and preparing for 2015's Game of the Year. Sans this poll, we have completed a drawing with the Squids who posted in our very first news story on the site and who also had at least 20 posts! The winning Squid is member...
Ever since the Splatoon Nintendo Direct back in May, players have been wondering when the Ink Brush would be usable and have been speculating on how it would work. It seems the speculation wont last much longer however, as the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter Account posted four pictures of the Ink Brush in use!...
Be warned, it is near E3 and fake leaks can be rather abundant. However Splatoon fans on Twitter and all over online are currently buzzing about a potential leak involving Mario amiibo and Splatoon. Comparisons of Mario Sunshine and Splatoon have been frequently made to the point where someone proposed Splatoon was in an alternate timeline to the game. While other jokes have been made about Mario taking...
Recently for an issue of Famitsu, a special collaboration illustration was included where Splatoon crosses over with the Manga Ika Musume (Squid Girl). For those who don't know the manga, it is a series by Masahiro Anbe that has been serialized since 2007. In it a cute Squid Girl sets out to take revenge on mankind for polluting the ocean. However she manages to accidentally do some damage to a beach house and must...
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Hey everyone, just made an update to allow the colour schemes to also be chosen in dark variations.

With this addition, I'd also like to run a poll of what people prefer and what they think is the best choice for the default style; the original light Squidboards [Green], or the new Squidboards Dark [Green]

Discuss the new additions, your personal favourites and your thoughts on the default theme!

Didn't know you could change the Squidboards style? You can find the option in your Preferences
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Hey everyone!

Hope you're all enjoying Splatoon. Ranked Battles, N-Zap and Port Mackerel already? Hype as hell, if you ask me!

Anyway, we've been working to put together a larger staff as the site grows and the community gets bigger. We had around 100 applicants apply for moderation and writing positions. But we had to cut that number down to a more reasonable one, and it was quite the process to do so! We had so many great applicants.

Now, we'd like to formally introduce you all to your new staff members. You'll be seeing them around the forum and contributing content to the site from...
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