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Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome! Nintendo just announced a new 2.2.0 update for Splatoon. They made some adjustments to the ranking system, as well as some light tweaks to game mechanics within ranked game modes. However, the big news with this update comes from Nintendo's weapon balancing.

Notably, Splash Walls, Krakens, and even Inkzookas were all nerfed. Not even the mighty Dynamo Roller was able to escape weapon balancing this time.

If you want all of the specifics, Nintendo has actually provided a comprehensive list...
HI squids! It's Hank from Nintendome! Nintendo has just announced its weekly content update for Splatoon! This time, we are getting hit with the Rapid Blaster Pro.

The Rapid Blaster Pro is equipped with the Seeker sub weapon and the Inkzooka special weapon. It has a fire rate of 30 (equivalent to the Luna Blaster's fire rate) but a range of 65 and an impact value of 35.

While some people are dubious regarding the Rapid Blaster Pro's competitive viability, I still look forward to seeing how this weapon performs in tournaments! If...
It's not anticipated for this to be an incredibly widespread issue, but one or two Squidboards users have already encountered this problem, and we wanted to make sure to alert everyone.

A kernel exploit for the Wii U has now been made public for Wii U's on an older firmware version. The simple and relevant explanation of what this means is that it is now much easier for unscrupulous folks to modify their Splatoon save files.

The very negative side effect of this, is it means a person could potentially modify their save file to change their character ID from 1 or 2 (Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl respectively) to 3, which represents Octolings.

Hey there squids and kids! Ready for even more fresh content? Well get on some gear and grab those weapons because we have a stage inkoming: Hammerhead Bridge! Confirmed to be coming earlier today by SplatoonJP, the official Splatoon Japanese Twitter, the stage looks to have some interesting qualities. It looks to be a long and narrow stage with upper platforms connected by mesh bridges and the lower path a wider walkway. Weapons good on uneven turf are likely...
Another Splatfest has just been announced, this one for our friends in the EU!
The theme this time being Messy Vs Tidy! Does everything need a place, or does your room run rampant? Organized harmony or controlled chaos? The choice is yours...

While EU players have some heavy philosophizing and hard decisions to make, our Japanese friends are already in a Splatfest of their own this weekend!...
A new Splatfest is on it's way for North America! Art Vs Science! To create, or discover? Blend the world with your brush, or learn more about it with your research?​

Learn more at the official Tumblr page and get ready for another night of CARNAGE! (turf wars)

But that's not all!...
We hope squids are ready to make it RAIN!

Or at least ready to play more ranked soon, as Rainmaker will be released this upcoming Friday in another Splatoon update!

Being the third of the ranked matchmaking trio, Rainmaker asks you deliver a golden fish to the other team's base, similar to the Bomb gametype in the Halo series. Though be warned, it won't be easy. The Rainmaker has a shield to protect itself, and can only be held for 60 seconds. Teamwork and bodyguarding will be essential. Luckily, whoever is holding the Rainmaker is not defenseless, as the fish of gold can be charged up and fire huge whirlpools of ink! (Think like a shorter range inkzooka, but with much more width! AND SCARY SOUND EFFECTS!)
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We know you're all deep in the new Splatoon update, and rightfully so! There's a ton of content to play around with. But there's also another update you may want to give a try as well - a Squidboards update!

We've got some new boards some squids have been asking for, and with more content and options now available in Splatoon, we felt Squidboards should expand its content and options as well.

Check out the following additions to the forum!

Splat Zone:

Clan Wars

-For any and all players,...

Hey there squids and kids! We have a few fun things we wanted to share today so let's get right to it. It seems the next Splatfest for North America has been announced and it looks to be quite the battle. This will pit lovers of roller coasters against those who like water slides! It will be interesting to see which of these action packed rides will win the battle. It will begin on July 17th so Callie and Marie had better get ready to dance and sing once again! While players should keep an eye out for...

Hey there squids and kids! It looks like the steady stream of new content for Splatoon just keeps coming in and we have the lowdown on two weapons set to be in those little inkling hands soon! These two weapons are the Sploosh-o-matic and the .96 Gal Deco. While the Sploosh-o-matic was previously leaked, the .96 Gal Deco is a pleasant surprise and a new feature with information only inkoming now....
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