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It's the face-off of the century!

Take your picks! Which Inkopolis idol group stands above the rest?

Is it the splendidly spectacular Squid Sisters?

Or do you have an outstanding obsession with Off The Hook?
Splatoon 1 stage collage.png
Greetings, squids who might be kids! One topic many of us keep discussing is the return of classic stages. We have the ever-popular Moray Towers (heh), Kelp Dome, and Port Mackerel, but there's a whopping 13 stages left behind!

So tell us, dear audience! Which stages would you like to see return, and why? Share your vote and your thoughts!
Today's Nintendo Direct was early in the morning, but jam-packed with information on Splatoon 2, which launches on the Switch July 21st.

We've got a quick recap for you on all the news you might have missed. While some information and modes covered may not be entirely new, there's certainly a lot in here that's certified fresh!
Splatoon doesn't often get a heavy spotlight in the world of eSports but with the announcement of Nintendo Switch, minds have been buzzing with the possibility of pro Splatoon.

Red Bull eSports dove into the community at large to talk about what competitive play has been like since the game's release, and what it might look like in the future.
Time flies doesn't it? Just over a year ago Splatoon launched on the Wii U in May of 2015. The game itself became an instant hit and was an incredibly popular addition to the Nintendo family even for a fresh new IP. The game opened the door for many new players at home and overseas, as well as new opportunities for artists and content creators. With the Wii U not doing so well and the "previously named NX" just around the corner the stage was set for something new.
Hey there squids and kids! Like some science with that Splatoon? Well have we got something perfect then. Welcome to a special article on Splatoon Science! Today we're going to look at Splatoon through a more scientific lens to learn some interesting things about the game. Imagine if the colors that came up in any given match could actually account for who won a particular game. Think if the color of gear or an arena might change the way a particular player performs in a match. Both of these things are VERY possible. So sit down and prepare to learn the science of Color Psychology!

Well since you're here already, welcome back to another edition of the Splatoon Community Spotlight, this time with Nikki, more commonly known as Hacker Personality "NWPlayer123". Secretly an Octoling with ways around the grid, she's the reason we know a ton about new weapons soon come out and lots about Splatoon's hidden content! She's no stranger to the front page of Squidboards for sure, with her datamining endeavors.

While they may be called video 'games', the health problems gaming can lead into are no playful matter. Ironically many of these have gained nicknames from Nintendo products such as Nintendinitis or acute Wiiitis. With more and more players facing injuries from playing competitive video games it seems like the time is now to help educate players on how to keep their bodies healthy and in working order. Health Spotlight articles aim to do just that. Each article we will cover an aspect of gaming health and give helpful tips and tricks to keep readers gaming long and healthy.
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