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It's the face-off of the century!

Take your picks! Which Inkopolis idol group stands above the rest?

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Or do you have an outstanding obsession with Off The Hook?
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Art of the Month is a monthly Squidboards community contest in which you submit your original Splatoon artwork based on the theme selected for that month. After the month is over, we'll select a winning submission, which will be featured on our homepage and social media!​

In celebration of Inktober, we're kicking off a brand new project for all you talented squids out there. If you're an artist or aspire to be one, this is for you!​
Hello everyone! ^_^

If you don’t know me, I’m Rapture. I’m the GM of Squidboards, one of the site’s admins, and SQ’s head event organizer. You may see me on Twitter, the SQ Discord, or around the forums sometimes. If not, no big deal. This isn’t about me.

I want to briefly discuss and touch on this past weekend’s Squidboards Splat Series event, as well as a few new things brewing for SQSS and the site as a whole. Although I think the outcome of our first Splat Series tournament speaks for itself, there are still a few spots I’d like to fill in. That goes for what’s in store for Squidboards in the near future, too
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"From the people that brought you the Bleck n Spoon Tournament (BnS), it is time for a new organization designed for the highest quality in Splatoon 2 coverage! We would like to introduce InkTV, the central hub for all your essential content in Splatoon 2, from a tournament that comes as the next form of BnS to a new interview series where we will go one on one with some of the stars and notable members of the community. But perhaps one of our biggest items will be our podcast, called Ink Radio, where we will discuss pertinent topics in the game, the meta, the community, or whatever else has to revolve around the game we all know and love!"
Welcome to another installment of Squidbeats, our series of features on the music made by Splatoon fans! This time around, we'll be listening to Splarrange!, an album by all Japanese artists released in December 2015. Japan, being the game's country of origin, has a considerably more intense Splatoon fandom than in other parts of the world, and this is only the first of several Japanese releases this series will cover.

Splarrange! is an example of “doujin” music, which is the term in Japanese that...
Welcome to Squidbeats, a new series of feature articles exploring the fanmade music of the Splatoon community. There's no doubt that fans of Splatoon are a creative bunch, as you'll find fanart of folks' inksonas everywhere. It's not all just visual, though; there's a number of rather good albums of fanmade music out there. From album releases on Bandcamp and Soundcloud to doujin music made by Japanese fans, it will be covered here.

This inaugural feature in the series is a track-by-track review of Splatunes!, an album off the Gamechops record label. Featuring...
...Why hello there~ I didn't notice you came in. Please, make yourself comfortable~. Care to share some wine with me?~

What do you mean your not legal drinking age?!

WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE ONLY HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW?! Ugh, you inklings are the worst.

Welcome back to the Splatoon Community Spotlight, where we chat with the freshest and most amazing inklings around, this time featuring Hank from Nintendome! If you wandered over on Youtube for Splatoon content or have browsed /r/splatoon...
Hey kids and squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. Today, I'm excited to share my beginner's guide for Splatoon with all of you!

I hope this video helps some of you newer squids out! Feel free to share it with someone that you think may need it!

That's all for now! Feel free to subscribe to me on YouTube and follow me on Twitter for more Splatoon content! And please keep...
Hey squids! It's Hank... from Nintendome

The illustrious @SomecallmeSarge is starting a new and exciting Splatoon YouTube series for all of you fresh kids and squids! As the article title indicates, this series will featuring various Splatoon clips from the community on YouTube in a monthly video montage.

How can you submit your own...

Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. It seems that many of you enjoyed @ThatSrb2DUDE's awesome handcam footage! If you are looking for more, @Ryanator from... Ryanatorr (funny how that works) has provided some excellent handcam footage of his own!

Make sure to watch closely and take a look to see how he uses the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad and the motion controls to move his Inkling around the turf!

Watch here:

For more fresh Splatoon videos, please consider...
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