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The Squid Research Lab has shared with us video footage of four weapons, a sub weapon and four specials today on the Splatoon US blog. Check out a playlist of all the videos below!
Sometimes it felt like yelling into the void. Ever since launch, the Splatoon community has clamored for a true, dedicated spectator mode and a LAN mode for 4v4 multiplayer. These features never materialized in the original game. Although hope was not lost, it was hard not to wonder if they would ever come.
Today's Nintendo Direct made it all worthwhile with some unexpected Splatoon news. Despite announcing that Splatoon would no longer receive waves of free DLC (and potentially little else otherwise), Nintendo bounced back with new information outlining major updates hitting the eShop this Spring.

Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. It seems that many of you enjoyed @ThatSrb2DUDE's awesome handcam footage! If you are looking for more, @Ryanator from... Ryanatorr (funny how that works) has provided some excellent handcam footage of his own!

Make sure to watch closely and take a look to see how he uses the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad and the motion controls to move his Inkling around the turf!

Watch here:

For more fresh Splatoon videos, please consider...
Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. ThatSrb2DUDE, a Twitch streamer/YouTuber from team Paradise (formerly known as Squid Squad Spades), has created a video where he shows off his gamepad usage with some handy handcam footage!

For those of you that don't know, DUDE is one of the most competent players in the game right now and this video has been highly requested by his followers (including myself). Want to know how DUDE is able to pull off those quick turns so effectively? Watch here:

If you enjoyed his...
Hi squids. It's Hank from Nintendome. For this episode of Squid Science, I have something special! I have compiled a comprehensive video overview of every buff and nerf Nintendo has made to main, sub, and special weapons in the 2.2.0 update! For more fresh Splatoon content like this, feel free to subscribe to the Nintendome YouTube channel!


Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the patch down below and for more fresh Splatoon updates, keep your eyes peeled...
Hi Squids! It's Hank from Nintendome! Recently there has been a lot of talk about a glitch that allows you to keep the Rainmaker safe on the reasonably new Hammerhead Bridge map (my friend Rynator has an excellent demonstration on his channel)! Well, it seems like the glitches are not stopping there. Twitter user 'Nintendo Florida' has discovered another out-of-bounds glitch that can be used to keep the Rainmaker safe on the Camp Triggerfish map. It seems to abuse a mechanic that allows a...
I'm back with another tutorial! In this episode of ThInk Tank, I cover a technique my friend @Silvaitos showed me called Squidtrotting. With Squidtrotting, you can stealthily move around the ink without the need for the Ninja Squid ability! How can you use Squidtrotting to its maximum potential? Be sure to watch the video to find out!

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The Squidkids are back! This time Michelle shows off a deadly new technique called 'Showering' that makes the Splash Wall sub weapon even more powerful. She also shows off some other helpful Splash Wall tricks that will definitely help you up your game. If you want to use your Splash Walls to their maximum potential, be sure to check out the Squidkids video below:

Don't forget to visit the Squidkids channel...

Hey there squids and kids! There are several advanced techniques within Splatoon that when used can really give players an edge and keep them splating! The folks over at Youtube channel Nintendome have nade a ThInk Tank video that talks all about Burst-Canceling. Want to know what Burst-Canceling is and how to maximize it to its fullest potential? Be sure to watch the video below! Be sure to...
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