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In the past, Fornite has welcomed the likes of John Wick , Pennywise, and Thanos into its world. Now, is it time for some squids to grab a victory royale?
Hey squids! A few days ago, everyone's favorite Splatoon modder, NWPlayer123, discovered 2 new Amiibo models within Splatoon's code! Sounds great, right? Callie and Marie Amiibos confirmed? Well, the kind folks at Nintendo Life have found even more evidence that suggests the inclusion of new Splatoon Amiibos!

As Alex Olney shows below, you can find a poster for a currently unreleased...
Recently Squidboards reported on a potential leak that would say some sort of crossover between Splatoon and Super Mario Sunshine would be coming sooln, with a potentiall new weapon in F.L.U.D.D. and amiibo compatibility with the Mario amiibo. Recently, a total of nine pictures have surfaced which could poitentially point to this crossover being a real possibility. Keep in mind this is E3 week and fake leaks are certainly...
Be warned, it is near E3 and fake leaks can be rather abundant. However Splatoon fans on Twitter and all over online are currently buzzing about a potential leak involving Mario amiibo and Splatoon. Comparisons of Mario Sunshine and Splatoon have been frequently made to the point where someone proposed Splatoon was in an alternate timeline to the game. While other jokes have been made about Mario taking...
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