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It's time for another Squidboards update! Splatoon launches next week, so the Squidboards staff is back in the kitchen getting ready for the big day. Hopefully you all are too!

Heading into the final weekend before the splatting begins, we've got some reminders and hot news for lunch today.

Community Reminders

First, Squidboards staff applications will be open until this Monday, May 25th, at 12:00 PM EST. You can apply for a staff position by...
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Happy Friday!

I'm sure many of you are getting ready for all the paint-splattering madness this weekend, so I'll be sure to keep this nice and concise.


We've got some shuffling to do here, so take some notes if you must.

First, Splat Zone will lose the Guides board. Never fear, Inklings! The Guides board will be moving to Booyah Base to join Maps and Weapons.

Further, additional boards will be added in the future alongside the Summer 2015 content updates,...
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Hello everyone!

It's been quite the day. With the official launch of the full Squidboards site, it's great to see the culmination of Squidboards happening before my very eyes.

Last year when I was in the Smash Bros. Invitational, I didn't even know what Splatoon was. Hadn't heard a single bit of information about it. But when I got to the E3 show floor, finally getting the game in my hands for the first time, the game felt oddly familiar. Like I had played it before. But obviously I hadn't.

I then realized what this feeling was. The...
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Hello Squids! Today we are excited to announce the (re)launch of Squidboards. Nearly a year ago, TheRapture launched a beta version of the site on free forum software. Over the last month we've been working on a big update to the site with new features and functionality through the Xenforo forum software. Several users on the previous version of Squidboards asked for features similar to Smashboards and we are excited to launch with very similar functionality. Before going further, the team behind the new-look Squidboards

@AlphaZealot - As the owner of Squidboards and...
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