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Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. It has already been two weeks! Nintendo has just announced the theme for the upcoming North American Splatfest! This time, inklings are asked to choose between pirates and ninjas.

The Splatfest itself will take place just in time for Halloween, starting at 9 PM PT on October 30th, 2015. In addition to all of this, Nintendo has announced that the Splatfest multiplier for wins has been updated from 4 to 6!

Which side do you prefer? What is your opinion of the Splatfest theme? Let me know down...
Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. ThatSrb2DUDE, a Twitch streamer/YouTuber from team Paradise (formerly known as Squid Squad Spades), has created a video where he shows off his gamepad usage with some handy handcam footage!

For those of you that don't know, DUDE is one of the most competent players in the game right now and this video has been highly requested by his followers (including myself). Want to know how DUDE is able to pull off those quick turns so effectively? Watch here:

If you enjoyed his...
Hi squids. It's Hank from Nintendome. For this episode of Squid Science, I have something special! I have compiled a comprehensive video overview of every buff and nerf Nintendo has made to main, sub, and special weapons in the 2.2.0 update! For more fresh Splatoon content like this, feel free to subscribe to the Nintendome YouTube channel!


Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the patch down below and for more fresh Splatoon updates, keep your eyes peeled...
Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome! Nintendo just announced a new 2.2.0 update for Splatoon. They made some adjustments to the ranking system, as well as some light tweaks to game mechanics within ranked game modes. However, the big news with this update comes from Nintendo's weapon balancing.

Notably, Splash Walls, Krakens, and even Inkzookas were all nerfed. Not even the mighty Dynamo Roller was able to escape weapon balancing this time.

If you want all of the specifics, Nintendo has actually provided a comprehensive list...
HI squids! It's Hank from Nintendome! Nintendo has just announced its weekly content update for Splatoon! This time, we are getting hit with the Rapid Blaster Pro.

The Rapid Blaster Pro is equipped with the Seeker sub weapon and the Inkzooka special weapon. It has a fire rate of 30 (equivalent to the Luna Blaster's fire rate) but a range of 65 and an impact value of 35.

While some people are dubious regarding the Rapid Blaster Pro's competitive viability, I still look forward to seeing how this weapon performs in tournaments! If...
Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. Nintendo has just announced its weekly content release; this time we are getting the Custom E-Liter 3K Scope as well as the Custom Range Blaster. They are going to be hitting Inkopolis tonight at 7 PM PT!

These are subtle variations of weapons that we already have. The Custom E-Liter 3K Scope gets added range and decreased mobility with the addition of the scope whereas the Custom Range Blaster gains the Splatterbomb sub weapon as well as the Kraken special weapon....
Hi Squids! It's Hank from Nintendome! Recently there has been a lot of talk about a glitch that allows you to keep the Rainmaker safe on the reasonably new Hammerhead Bridge map (my friend Rynator has an excellent demonstration on his channel)! Well, it seems like the glitches are not stopping there. Twitter user 'Nintendo Florida' has discovered another out-of-bounds glitch that can be used to keep the Rainmaker safe on the Camp Triggerfish map. It seems to abuse a mechanic that allows a...
Nintendo has just announced its Splatoon content release for the week. This time, we are getting the new Carbon Roller Deco weapon and it will be available tonight at 7 PM PT!

This familiar weapon trades in its infamous Burst Bombs and the Inkzooka for the Seeker and the new Seeker Bomb Rush! Other than that, the Carbon Roller Deco is the same Carbon Roller you have grown to love (or in some cases, hate).

While Burst Bombs were a crucial part of the Carbon Roller's kit, we are excited to see how players take advantage of the...
It's not anticipated for this to be an incredibly widespread issue, but one or two Squidboards users have already encountered this problem, and we wanted to make sure to alert everyone.

A kernel exploit for the Wii U has now been made public for Wii U's on an older firmware version. The simple and relevant explanation of what this means is that it is now much easier for unscrupulous folks to modify their Splatoon save files.

The very negative side effect of this, is it means a person could potentially modify their save file to change their character ID from 1 or 2 (Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl respectively) to 3, which represents Octolings.
Happy Update Friday Everyone! (AND BOY IS IT!)

Today (or Tomorrow for our EU players) at 7pm PT, the new Tri Slosher will be available from Sheldon! As opposed to the Slosher's 1 ink trail, the Tri will toss 3 wider trails, but with less power and range (according to the data mining, think the range of the Aerospray or Splattershot Jr). The Kit for the Tri will come with Disruptors and the Bubbler Special, excellent for a support role or...
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