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Hey there squids and kids! Ready for even more fresh content? Well get on some gear and grab those weapons because we have a stage inkoming: Hammerhead Bridge! Confirmed to be coming earlier today by SplatoonJP, the official Splatoon Japanese Twitter, the stage looks to have some interesting qualities. It looks to be a long and narrow stage with upper platforms connected by mesh bridges and the lower path a wider walkway. Weapons good on uneven turf are likely...

When Reggie Fils-Aime indicated that he has a desire to turn Splatoon into an esport, many people began to wonder what a competitive Splatoon scene would actually look like. Well, it has been 3 months since the game’s launch and we are finally getting a chance to see this develop.

SiVa Gaming, known for sponsoring smash players in the past, has sponsored a Splatoon team! Yes, SiVa has set their eyes on iTi (in The Ink), a NorCal...
Nintendo must be on the Messy side of the latest EU Splatfest, because new renders of Splatoon gear have appeared after some more data mining!

Super Mario Maker, of all places... Yeah, the game where everyone makes obscenely hard levels with pixel perfect jumps... more like Kaizo Mario Maker....

Popular Dataminer NWPlayer123, who brought us the very fresh info of all the...
Another Splatfest has just been announced, this one for our friends in the EU!
The theme this time being Messy Vs Tidy! Does everything need a place, or does your room run rampant? Organized harmony or controlled chaos? The choice is yours...

While EU players have some heavy philosophizing and hard decisions to make, our Japanese friends are already in a Splatfest of their own this weekend!...
A new Splatfest is on it's way for North America! Art Vs Science! To create, or discover? Blend the world with your brush, or learn more about it with your research?​

Learn more at the official Tumblr page and get ready for another night of CARNAGE! (turf wars)

But that's not all!...
All the squids and kids in Japan are getting in their freshest gear because the biggest turf war of all time is about to go down! Alongside a tournament for Puzzle & Dragons the largest tournament ever for Splatoon with over 1 Million dollars in prizes. The tournament series is being hosted by Kadokawa and Toukaihi / Nicovideo parent company Dwango.

Eight cities are set to hold forty events in this major series, the first of which start here:
  • Fukuoka (September 13)
  • Sapporo (September 26)...
We hope squids are ready to make it RAIN!

Or at least ready to play more ranked soon, as Rainmaker will be released this upcoming Friday in another Splatoon update!

Being the third of the ranked matchmaking trio, Rainmaker asks you deliver a golden fish to the other team's base, similar to the Bomb gametype in the Halo series. Though be warned, it won't be easy. The Rainmaker has a shield to protect itself, and can only be held for 60 seconds. Teamwork and bodyguarding will be essential. Luckily, whoever is holding the Rainmaker is not defenseless, as the fish of gold can be charged up and fire huge whirlpools of ink! (Think like a shorter range inkzooka, but with much more width! AND SCARY SOUND EFFECTS!)
In the ever heart-racing race to secure turf and stay fresh, data miners have been racing to find out just what we can get our tentacles on in the (hopefully) near future.

Coming from this website, we can see all the weapons, their subs and their specials that are to be released. Looking around the site a bit more, it seems that this may be every weapon left in the game, but it is yet to be confirmed. Knowing Nintendo, they may always have another trick up their sleeve when releasing new patches and updates.

Here is a list of all the unreleased weapons. For more info on the weapons including pricing and how each weapon affects movement, check out the website!

Beyond this point are the details, so don't look if you want to keep it a surprise!

The big August update has been looming on the horizon for a long time, but it's finally here!

This is the big one - party matchmaking, private games, level/ranking increases, map changes, and more. Truly the largest and most significant to the final product since launch.

The developers were generous enough to provide us with official patch notes. Read on to learn more about what the update brings to the table:

Thanks to the technicians and interns over at Splatoon HQ, the map that started it all is getting a major rehaul a few months following launch.

Some changes include a different location for the base trees, opened-up chokepoints and mid, and different side-path structures.

You can check out a full tour of the new map with the help of a new video from GameXplain:

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