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Hey squids and kids! Need the freshest information on Splatoon? Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream managed to snag an interview with Splatoon directors Yusuke Amano and Tsubasa Sakaguchi and producer Hisashi Nogami to chat on their recent game.

One of the first things discussed was matchmaking in Splatoon which is done in a very unique way. According to Amano it actually pairs up players with similar play-styles where levels are more of “an indicator for how long the...
Hey there squids and kids! Ever wanted to be Krill Nye but just didn't have the talent? Love science but not sure how to apply it to inking turf? Fortunately, Nintendojo can do the science for us! This Youtube channel has been releasing small clips that help demonstrate the difference between abilities gear can hold so players can know the real difference and make the best decisions going into battle. Here's an example:...
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Happy Saturday everyone! Time for a quick Squidboards update. Let's keep it brief and, of course, fresh.

The Official Squidboards Splatoon Review - Looking for "After 30" Opinions!

On the 29th, just a few days from now, we'll be posting the official Squidboards review for the reason we're all here...Splatoon! We decided to hold off on the review for a while as the game came into its own to give a more thorough and complete opinion on the game.

However, we don't wanna limit ourselves to just that. We'd like to have you all get...
Attention squids and kids: the next Splatfest to hit Japan has been announced and the two things battling it out look to be very unique. Famed makers of instant noodles and ramen Maruchan have gotten a spotlight in Splatoon as two flavors of their instant noodles are on both sides! Maruchan Red Fox Udon takes on Green Tanuki Soba with Japanese inklings deciding which will come out on top. While this might be more difficult for inklings from other regions to decide on...
Patch 1.3.0 for Splatoon will be available early next week. It includes Splatfest fixes and gameplay changes.

First, we’ll start out with discussing the Splatfest fixes.

Inkoming news: Cats vs Dogs is back on schedule! Here is the statement from the official Splatoon tumblr:

"The CATS vs. DOGS Splatfest is back on!

Sorry for the delay—we experienced some…tentacle difficulties with the Splatfest matchmaking. The first Splatfest will now begin on July 4th at 12:00 AM PT and will end on July 4th at 11:59 PM PT. That’s 24 hours of pure patriotic splattitude! Celebrate your inkdependence with nighttime Turf War battles and...
Hey there squids and kids! Anyone out there wanting even more gear to keep looking fresh? Well have we got news then! Last month, Famitsu announced a contest in their May 20th issue where fans were invited to design some gear for Splatoon. The catch? The winner of the contest would have their costume added into the game in the August update alongside the Ika Musume (Squid Girl) costume. The contest was so...​
Welcome squids and kids for this inkredible news update! The game we all know and love has managed to surpass ONE MILLION IN SALES NUMBERS!!! That's a lot of inklings out there covering turf and Splating friends and foes alike. This news came from SplatoonJP, the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account in this Tweet. In celebration of this latest triumph, a new commercial for Splatoon has...

Inkoming weapon squids and kids; get ready to blow the competition away with the latest and greatest in Splating technology: the Luna Blaster!

"The Luna Blaster is a specialized shooter that can unleash explosive power at close range! Its rate of fire is good, and its blasts cover a wide area, but you'll need the Inkzooka to hit far-off foes. Oh, and the Ink Mines can really make a difference in the right hands, so this set is perfect for veterans!" - Sheldon Owner Of Ammo Knights...

Hello squids and kids, here is a video from a new Youtube channel called: Squidkids! That last sentence was a doozy so try to keep up. Squidkids is a new Youtube channel designed to give all those up and coming Splatoon players tips, tricks, and advanced techniques to step up their game to a whole new level. Their first video talks about Y Positioning which is...
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