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All times have been adjusted for the timezone: America/New_York

Sat, Nov 25
1:00 PM
Mon, Nov 20
7:00 PM
Love Inks  (Love city)
Sat, Nov 18
8:00 PM
Brisbane, Australia Splatoon 2 LAN  (Guf Brisbane, 281 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia)
1:00 PM
Squidboards Splat Series - November  (Battlefy / Squidboards Discord)
3:30 AM
Sat, Nov 11
7:00 PM
Sydney's 2nd Splatoon2 LAN [Starfish Forge: Underground UTS]  (Underground UTS (University of Technology, Sydney))
9:00 AM
Splatoon 2 @ GatorLAN Fall 2017 - (LAN)  (Grand Ballroom @ University of Florida, Reitz Student Union, Gainesville, FL 32603, USA)
Tue, Nov 07
3:00 PM
Sun, Nov 05
4:00 PM
SPL S4  (Online)
Sat, Nov 04
4:30 AM
Sun, Oct 29
10:00 AM
Inkopolis Cup : Ghost Edition  (https://discord.gg/ZUMSRzX)
Sat, Oct 28
1:00 PM
Splatoon en Ville : A Montreal Splatoon LAN!  (Gam1ng Cafe, 3311 Rue Masson, Montréal, QC H1X 1R3, Canada)
Sun, Oct 22
2:00 PM
Frozen Ink 8  (Online)
Sat, Oct 21
1:00 PM
Splaturday at Sportscards  (Sportscards, 984 Tupelo Commons, Tupelo, MS 38804, USA)
1:00 PM
12:00 PM
7:00 AM
4:30 AM
Thu, Oct 19
Sun, Oct 15
6:00 AM
Sat, Oct 14
2:00 PM
Mon, Oct 16
Tue, Oct 17
Wed, Oct 18
Fri, Oct 20
Thu, Oct 12
Tue, Oct 10
Sun, Oct 08
2:00 PM
2:00 PM
Frozen Ink 7  (Online)
Sat, Oct 07
1:00 PM
Squidboards Splat Series - October 2017  (Battlefy / Squidboards Discord)
11:00 AM
Afterglow Throwdown 2: Splatoon2 LAN (Grenada MS, Oct 7th)  (Grenada Film Festival, 138 S Main St, Grenada, MS 38901, USA)
4:30 AM
Fri, Oct 06
6:00 PM
Redwood party  (Splatoon 2, Goeun-ri, Iljuk-myeon, Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)
Thu, Oct 05
7:00 PM
Tue, Oct 03
Sun, Oct 01
4:00 PM
SPL S3  (Online)
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