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New Profile Posts

  1. Wolfie157
  2. buh_beethoven
    Looking for a clan... 0-0
  3. josiah fisher
    josiah fisher
    I'm 13 and I love splatoon 1&2 & welcome to my account
  4. Little T
    Little T
    looking for team to play with, solo ranked is a little boring. not enough competition. also would be nice to have friends.
  5. TrashiPixel
  6. Slushii
    Hey, what's up. It's your boy Slushii!
  7. Serkkiit
    Serkkiit Kek.
    Your username is quality content.
    1. Kek. likes this.
    2. Kek.
      you got that right boo
      Oct 14, 2018 at 2:19 PM
  8. Kek.
    If you would like to be friends and want to chat, my friend code is: 6072-4154-6245 and my discord is: loopidyloo#6610!
  9. Kek.
    Any clan or discord chat I could join?
  10. Kek.
    Bored, lonely and flighty as hecc
  11. ThatSquidYouKnow
    oh boy i love getting my likes and posts deleted for no reason
    1. ThatSquidYouKnow
      at least tell me youre deleting my **** you cowards
      Oct 12, 2018 at 1:39 PM
    2. Flopps
      Boy, I wonder why...
      Oct 13, 2018 at 6:27 PM
    3. ThatSquidYouKnow
      me too bro.... me too...........
      Oct 15, 2018 at 8:30 AM
  12. Fresh Start Cup
    Fresh Start Cup
    Fresh Start Cup is a bi-monthly tournament. Focusing on being a major organization here to help those who are either new or inexperienced.
  13. Pro895
    Looking for a clan...
  14. HindoriAki
  15. noirmoth
    Splat or Be Splatted
  16. noirmoth
    Aka Royabilly
  17. Pro895
  18. Pro895
    Awaiting a clan to join...
  19. Splatoomy
    Hey hello I am holding a Active Splatoon 1 Discord. It has 22 members right now but I'm gathering as many people as possible!
  20. [TMRR] Drag
    [TMRR] Drag
    Gathering TMRR Members
  21. AutumnWolf
    Bull City, NC
  22. Serkkiit
    Serkkiit ⭐️Zapfish⭐️
    Hope you're doing well.
  23. TheApocalypseGuy
    I'm currently level 58, rank S+ in everything. 18+ NNID: TheApocalypseGuy Discord: TheApocalypseGuy NSFC: SW-7167-7441-7030
  24. Treeking
    Actively playing splatoon 2, X rank in all modes, tyring to get better at the game by playing competively.
  25. SaberStorm
    SaberStorm NXTU-Red
    Hi, I'm level 27 and rank B- for blitz and B for everything else. I use Octobrush and aerospray MG as my two main W.O.C. I'm looking to join a league and I'd love to join your clan. Thanks for the consideration.
  26. Tunatoon
  27. big_milks
    team trick
  28. OctoKid20
    1. OctolingBoi2025 likes this.
  29. AdriHB4
    Glad I can find something since miiverse ended. My old tag was adrih87 and I went by Msv*Adri.
  30. Big Birb
    Big Birb
    Relatable Squid
  31. OctoKid20
    I'm new here i finally made an account
    1. OctolingBoi2025 likes this.
  32. HappyMiku
    Hey! I finally made an account lmao
  33. Octo Cami
    Octo Cami
    Hi I'm new here!
    1. OctoKid20 likes this.
    2. OctoKid20
      Me Too
      Oct 5, 2018
  34. Torbaz
    Torbaz NXTU-Red
    Hi I'm level 29 rank b+ and I would love to join the team. Thanks!
  35. SavannahIsAwesome
    Getting back into using Squidboards nearly two years after making the account. Cringing at the name
  36. ☆FTG
    Currently rank X in every mode.
  37. SabrBlu
    1. ~Łaura~ likes this.
    2. ~Łaura~
      Hii! Welcome to ïnKarma Team
      Oct 2, 2018
  38. ThatSquidYouKnow
    Nerf Jet Squelcher.
  39. Skelyos
    Skelyos Dirty Duck
    Hi i would like to join the group?
  40. PhoenixGamer36
    I don't like clam blitz.
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