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New Profile Posts

  1. Simplemender3
  2. Simplemender3
    woah it's been like, almost 3 years
  3. Enperry
    Enperry ϛ(°³°)/`
    Which variation of the Ballpoint Splatling do you think is better and what kind of gear do you recommend for both? I'm asking you because you seem to know a lot about the weapon.
  4. Noahepix
    Noahepix NXTU-Red
    Hey, I'm level 30 and A- minus for everything except A in Rainmaker, I main Tri-Slosher and use Splat Roller/Hero Replica Roller on occasion. I'm just trying to get into this clan thing and I realize you haven't been on the site in a while, If you're seeing this I would like to join the group/get the discord. Thank you.
  5. AdamTheSquid
  6. Robert Holmes
    Robert Holmes
    Where my A level Rainmaker people at?
  7. seth_the_inkling
    warhammer 40k is my jam (hence the picture) if you are a tau player GET LOST (jk pls dont kill me)
  8. Z3RØ
    Looking for friends!!
  9. ez_snow
    ez_snow Jibanyo
    Is there a discord link to join?
  10. DELi
    DELi Tsf-Jinx
    Is it still possible to join your discord server?
  11. SaltyGhost
    Currently looking for recruits
  12. Midnight The Octo
    Midnight The Octo FSIMajora
    I want to join your clan
  13. Metasepia
  14. blep
    dropped to a+ in sz. fricc
  15. AuntieVio
  16. The Salamander King
    The Salamander King
    Mains: Custom Jet Squelcher, Sloshing Machine, Bloblobber
  17. Real Splaty
    Real Splaty Cyan
    Hey! Could I get your Friend Code?
  18. ホワイトイカ
    Hey, sorry for not being active in two years. I forgot this page even existed! I’ve now got Splatoon 2 :)
  19. DrizzE
    Spectre Clan Now Recruiting
  20. JediWest17
    Not on any teams at the moment.
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