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New Profile Posts

  1. sgt. army
    sgt. army
    my team called TSA is now on amino. I recommend that you check it out.
  2. Zirconium
    Recruiting for a team!
  3. ArtificiallyFlavored
    Hey I am looking for a clan to join!
  4. Linkstinct101
  5. Mick Jones
  6. Mick Jones
  7. Annabelle the inkling
  8. TeaBee
    Man, it's been a long time since I signed in. Some things have changed, I'm making a strategy guide for Splatoon 2 instead.
  9. fuwafuwa
    WFB Cup is the biggest japanese online tournament.
  10. Dharkon Z
    Dharkon Z
    I like pizza
  11. Joninked59
    Any Squads looking for a Bamboozler (Rank S+10)?
  12. Xanderfield
    What's good yall
  13. starbiit
    making a squidboards account in 2019 nice
  14. starbiit
  15. Pseudo-Master
    Wanna' get your turkey roasted?
    DEATHAWAKE Jibanyo
    Um. Don’t know what group I should be in but I’m rank I am B+ and A so I would like to now
  17. Yin_
    I’m in marching band camp right now and it’s exhausting but incredibly fun! Do any of you do band or any other type of hobby?
  18. Octo_Creator12
  19. sgt. army
    sgt. army Squidboards
    question. I have two groups that I made and two groups I am in but when I tried to join another group it said I am at max for groups. why is this happening?
  20. sgt. army
    sgt. army
    starting to help akesis and her group and I think you should check it out because it is cool. it is ink force and it is the best group ever.
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