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New Profile Posts

  1. SBPC
    The less i know, the better.
  2. sgt. army
    sgt. army
    TSA is closed! I now lead desert storm on amino.
  3. Hollow
  4. Hera
    Oh and also if someone could explain to me how to voice chat while playing ? Do I simply open the app on my phone and play splatoon 2 ?
  5. Hera
    I speak English, French and Spanish and I mostly play around 18h. So if you’d like to be friends that would be awesome thanks.
  6. Hera
    Hey guys, my name is Hera and I’m just looking for friends to play splatoon 2 and have fun and voice chat each other while playing.
  7. ttv woomy(pepsi)
    ttv woomy(pepsi)
    wanna sprite cranberry
  8. ChinaCat
    Learning how to play support
  9. cathrineAcat
  10. drsleepy64
    Thinking of getting into this game again.
  11. Ink-Bit
    Hey y’all just about to play some turf war.
  12. SquidletSquidlet
    SquidletSquidlet SilverBrick
    Teach me how to improve with the Inkbrush! Pweez
  13. Aryaman
    I really don’t even use this site anymore, maybe I’ll use it more when I get my switch, which is tomorrow poggers
  14. ttv woomy(pepsi)
    ttv woomy(pepsi)
    currently underwent tough stream snipers
  15. Ikaheishi
    Well… I've clearly been pretty reclusive over the past few years… Oops. >.<
  16. GayMoonshine69
    Looking at my amiibo
  17. ttv woomy(pepsi)
  18. ttv woomy(pepsi)
    ttv woomy(pepsi)
    level 5 heat in nfs heat is hard af
  19. ttv woomy(pepsi)
    ttv woomy(pepsi)
    need for speed:heat is legendary
  20. ttv woomy(pepsi)
    ttv woomy(pepsi)
    "not the freshest around,but the elegant one 1"
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