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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
A buncha casuals looking to go competitive.
Feb 7, 2018


We are three dudes looking to get more serious about Splatoon 2. We are interested in getting into the competitive scene, so we openly welcome anyone that would be interested in joining a rising group of novices. Our goal is to start playing in a competitive setting and grow better as a team through it. Please refer to the rules page if you are thinking about joining. We have our own Discord, which is the preferred communication method: https://discord.gg/tTZkxMM .

The manager of the team, Sir Hax Bard, does all of the team art. If you want a squidling icon of your own, give us your favorite color and some features and he'll make one for you. Well... he'll try his best. Nothing too complicated pls.

The Founders of the group are all high school students on the west coast, so we may not be readily available on weekdays from 6:00 AM - 2:30 PM Pacific Time. Please be patient with us as we've got a lot to balance right now. However, feel free to personally contact any of us and we will be willing to help as soon as we can!

The Founders:
[FF]Bard - Blasters, Dark Tetra Dualies
[FF]Ace - Dualies, Chargers
[FF]GOJI - Brushes, Dualie Squelchers
[FF]Mega - Rollers

The Squad:
[FF]Def1 - H-3 Nozzlenose, flexible
[FF]WizrdX - Dapple Dualies, Hero Roller
[FF]Blue - Splat/Carbon Roller, Tri-Slosher, Slosher, Hydra Splatling, Octobrush
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