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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Seeking Squids who desire to become as cool as an Arctic Storm
Nov 21, 2017


Hello everyone! I'm one of the members of a team named Arctic Fury, an e-sports team that desires to branch off into the Splatoon 2 scene and make a name for ourselves.

Although our team is fairly new, we are all working hard to reach our goal. It's because of our goal that I write on Squidboards to grab the attentions of squids who seek to grow themselves in Splatoon 2 and become apart of the amazing experience of playing on a competitive team.
If you are interested in Arctic Fury, allow me to explain something about our group:

-We are a competitive team who are still growing day-by-day and we want to recruit more members to help our cause.

-We'd prefer Squids from America for our cause since our base of operations reside there.

-We allow players of any age to join us, but they must be respectful and mature to their fellow members and competitors.

-Our rank limit is an average of A. That shows us you have a lot of potential in playing the game and are still willing to grow.

-We have no vendetta against any kinds of weapons. Whatever you main, we will gladly welcome you with open arms

-Since this is a competitive team, VC is a requirement in order to corporate better. It's okay to be shy when you first start out, but that shyness will gradually disappear as you VC more and more overtime.

-You must be willing to be active in our chat. The only way to truly come together as a team is constant communication. Even if it's random small talk, a team can still bond a whole lot because of it,

If you are interested in what our team is about, you may request a tryout into our team. To send a request, log on to the Discord app and send a request to @ChipsAhoy#3743. We can organize a time a day for your tryout to occur and test out whether or not your suited for Arctic Fury. You'll also go through a brief interview, which will assessed your determination in joining the competitive world.

The competitive world is not an easy path to walk upon. There will always be times where it seems like nothing you do will ever be good enough.


If you join Arctic Fury, we will make sure your time here is one of pure enjoyment; an experience that you'll always carry with you wherever you go. I hope those squids who wish to grow see this post and take our group into consideration.

I hope to see all of you at try-outs real soon! So until then, this is AF-Myoto, signing off! Stay Fresh Everyone!

Edit:We are happy for the wave of application sent by everyone. Unfortunately, we need a period of organization before we can bring in even more talent, so as of right now, we are no longer considering application. We thank you for looking at our page and we hope you'll still be around for us to accept you at a later date.
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