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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Beta Star is a Semi competative a Team, mean we do acctpe players of any skill level.
Apr 13, 2019


Causal players are welcome to join, but for those who want to play competitive, we would like them to have at least 500 hours or more of play time. We want people who actually know how to play the game, and rather than rank it would be better to have players with more play time experience.
We can make some exceptions, but we will have to play a few private battles, to judge if you have a good game sense. If you do then we will allow you to play with us competitively.

This is a a team for those who want to improve their skills

This is a team for both casual and competitive players.

This is a team that wants to help their teammates improve, by giving them advice, and tips if any are known, either personal tips, or from stuff that new players may not know.

My friend code: SW-4117-4307-1424

Currently looking for Anchor/Back liner
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