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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
An EU based, all ranks, casual and competitive team who wants to get good at the game and have fun!
Sep 11, 2018


Hi, Blue Flame team here! We're a completely new group searching for players who want to find a home for themselves.
Our goal is to become a great team who knows how things are done and heat up the game to the maximum in our way!

Some rules:

- Don't be rude or spam any hate speach or the ban hammer will fall!

- There will be limited numbers to join, ones its full it's full!

- Be over 18! (Exception might occur, contact me for that)

- Mainly EU based (if you aren't from EU and the time difference isn't to big you can join)

- Speak English (you don't need to be perfect! If you can play games in english you're fine)

- Be on Discord! It's the way we communicate. We'll use voice speach when/if needed as well.

- if you wanna join here is the link to the discord server: https://discord.gg/58UZFhm
If there're any problems with the link massage me, you can contact me here on Squidboards as well.

- If you're not feeling the team you can go, no hard feelings!
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