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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Improve your Rank by cooperating with others looking to do the same
Aug 25, 2015


This group is open to all, whether you're looking to break into the higher ranks or want to help those attempting to do so.

After playing Splatoon for almost six months, I found myself "stuck" at B rank. Looking online for tips and strats, I realized there are lots of others like me as well as TONS of super helpful and friendly players. I'd like this to become a consolidated group for those to find people of the same skill level and maybe go on to create competitive teams through improvement.

Only qualification is you must be courteous and friendly. Raging or insulting doesn't help anyone and won't be tolerated.

So go ahead and post your general info (NNID, Weapon Preferences, Reason Why You're Here, *Skype Names are helpful*, etc.)

Let's all go out there and splat some ink!

*We've got an open live chat room! Just click here
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