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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
This is our Squid Squad. We won't give up without a fight!
Aug 11, 2015


Welcome to the Calamari Crusaders!

We are a casual competitive clan

About us
This group first started out as a small squad for the upcoming update that came last August 2015. Since then it has grown with many new members that all became amazing friends.

Calamari Crusaders isn't just a clan all in itself rather it's a Clamiry (clan family).
We always encourage each other to do our best and have learned a lot from each other.

We are all just a group of friends in the end ^^

Some Rules
  • DON'T BE DISRESPECTFUL!! I want people that are friendly, nice, and respectful (know that I will NOT TOLERATE ANY BULLYING, RACISM AND JUST OVERALL RUDENESS)
  • Must be active on Splatoon (I understand if you work, go to school or just are busy with life. Schedules are flexible and most members are active during the weekend anyway)
  • Must be willing to join Discord (it is our main chat aside from Skype)
  • We are only accepting members that are 16 and up (so we can keep the group on a mature level!)
  • Every person wanting to join must do a try out. It is a 1 vs 1 battle in private doing rank modes. NOTE: This is only to test out and see how well you play so don't stress over it so much!
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