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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Your Request, Our Experience. Artists and Non-Artists Welcome!
Jun 10, 2016


Welcome to Commissions.Ink
We are a group unlike any on this website. Regardless of your desires or talents, all are welcome into the community.

We welcome artists and non artists. We stream art, not game play, and we do not ink turf, we ink canvas.
Whether you're a squidling looking for an official, original logo for your squad or team, a casual kid looking for a drawing of your squidling or a friend's, or a talented artist looking for friends, advice, or streaming buddies, this group welcomes any and all squids to come and experience a wonderful community.

You don't even have to be looking for commissions or be an artist in general, you could just be looking for someone to talk to or looking for talented art streamers to follow.

We are looking for artists to join our roster of request takers, streamers, and commissioners. It does not have to be digital art.


{This group is not meant to be competitive in any way, but rather a collection of interesting conversations and beautiful, creative arts. Members of all squads and teams are welcome.}

All information regarding commissions and joining our roster of artists can be found in our forums

:p Join the Discord server to join the family: https://discord.gg/0141xazJ3PIoh7dNT

You do not need a microphone to join
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