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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Group for older players (30 and over) for both competitive and casual play
Mar 15, 2016


Originally banded together through Reddit since 2015, Day Old Sushi (DOS) is a group of older players ranging from just close to 30 years old all the way up past 40. We are open to all new members and have both casual and competitive players to suit all of your needs.

We mostly invade each others’ Turf Wars, play squads and participate in Private Battles with and against each other. We sometimes have themed Private Battles for fun as well. We have participated in LUTI Krakon Division for 4 seasons and had two seasons of our very own mini league.

Our main method of communication is Discord. We use voice chat for competitive play and also for fun during our Private Battles.

Age: Must at least be close to 30 years old. ;) You’ll understand this once you’re our age.

All ranks and levels are welcome. We have players at every rank imaginable all the way up to S+.

Attitude: Must not disrupt our group harmony with racist and/or otherwise insensitive/inappropriate comments and jokes. Basically, just don't be an ***.


If you are interested in joining please provide the following information.

Name you want us to call you by:
NNID or Switch FC:
Current Rank and Level:
Main Weapon:
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