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1. Ages!
We prefer you to be around 11-16 due to us being generally young players! Sorry for any inconvenience!

2. Veemo!

Yes only octolings are allowed I’m sorry all you inkling players. So either be a constant octoling player or simply being willing to switch to an octoling when you play with us

3. Be Kind!

Like I said at the beginning this group is like a family, we are very kind and supportive! However it doesn’t mean you can’t give it back, two strikes and you’re out is out general rule of thumb. Just don’t brag and don’t make fun of anybody and you’ll be fine.

4. League!

This kinda feels like a given but have access to rank. We enjoy being able to play even without a Splatfest running so please have access to it!

5. Have or be willing to get a Discord
Discord is the main way we all chat and voice call each other so please be able to get it or already have it this is a big rule! In addition to this please be able to voice chat! It’s okay if you’re a little shy all of us are a little quiet , but it’s good to be able to communicate with one another!

6. Be decent, but not strict!

Yes, we preferred you to be at least level 30 or so but that doesn’t mean we don’t like have fun! Of course we do not support squid parties in any game mode (no not even turf) unless it’s a private match. We love messing around together in private matches so we can have some fun!

7. gAsp Minecraft

Its not a required rule however we are making a minecraft server! so if you’d like to join that you’re more than welcome :^)
Last Updated: Jul 25, 2019, Updated By: seabunn
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