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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Splatoon Competitive Team!
Jan 24, 2016


Welcome to the Squidboards page of the competitive Squid Squad ƒ(s)=Fresh of Squids!

Fresh of Squids was founded in September 2015. We're consisted of a diverse group of players, from various age groups and skill levels.

Outside of Splatoon some of us work full time or go to school. However in between Splatooning and outside life we also enjoy playing other games together such as Fortnite, Pokemon, Minecraft, SSB, Mario Kart and more~

Other information about ƒ(s)=
We're a no-drama team that likes to enjoy everyone's company and make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. We are open to advices and ideas to make the team grow.

Twitter: @FreshOfSquids
Twitch: @MeyliHiwa


ƒ(s) Recruitment Application Status [Opening Soon!]

Please read the information below before applying. Thank you!

What we're looking for
  • Dedication
  • Responsiblility
  • Teamwork
  • Punctuality
  • 17+ * I can make exceptions (check out FAQs)
  • Be able to use Discord for team chat.
  • Be able to make it to mandatory practices on Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM ESTs.
  • Be able to practice at random times if needed during the week as twins or quads.
  • Be motivated and friendly to reach out to team members to play together.
  • Weapon Mains and fluidity: Has a main, but also has secondary and tertiary for different modes/maps to compliment teammate's weapon choices.
  • Dedication. Someone that spends a decent amount of time playing the game.
  • Uses Motion Controls.
  • S+/X Rank.
  • Must be able to have open communication and respond to DMs in a timely manner regarding to plans for future tourneys/events.
  • Positive attitude and be able to follow rules and directions.
  • Be able to learn our callouts and have map awareness.
  • Must not already be in a squad.
  • Once recruited you MUST change IGN having our team's tag to begin with ƒ(s)=
We'll contact you through Discord Only.

When we contact you:

- We'll be contacting you and scheduling a day and time for try-outs. It can be as early as the day of or a couple days in advanced.

- Always be ready for same day try-outs.

- If you can not make it to the day we have scheduled for you to try-out we will have to drop you. (*Not including same day try out.)

We will be contacting you individually for try-outs. Please be patient with us as we'll have to schedule our time with yours to make this work.

You may resend your application if you have any updates or are re-applying for those who have been in the team in the past. We have added a few more things in order to get to know you guys better.

Make sure you check your social medias to see if we have contacted you through there. If we don't hear from you within a week you will automatically be dropped from trying out for our team.

Please note that if you're not contacted within a week about your application, re-read the requirements again above and make sure you qualify.

Tryouts procedures:

- First tryout consists of twinning with the captain a few times on separate scheduled days within a week.

- If you pass the first part of tryouts the second part is quadding with the team.

- If you pass quads and have confirmation from the captain that you passed then you may join the team officially and must have your name tag changed to include ƒ(s)=______. If you did not pass for x reasons you will still be notified with your results.

Good luck!~


Current Members ▫️ Weapon Mains


ƒ(s)=Meyli ▫️ Sploosh-o-matic


ƒ(s)=Fairy Splattershot Pro
ƒ(s)=Star Tentabrella
ƒ(s)=Sheep Mini Splattling
ƒ(s)=Bridi Kensa Pro

In rememberance of Fairy.
You will always be fighting with us in spirit.


FAQS and Concerns

- Will there be a deadline for the application?
No. Recruitments will stay open until further notice.

- How soon will I hear a response?
Please bear with us. We'll be contacting you one by one individually. If you haven't heard from us yet, don't worry because we haven't forgotten about you!

- I haven't gotten contacted after my first session. Does that mean I didn't pass?
No, that does not mean you didn't pass but it also doesn't mean you have passed either. Please be patient and wait for us to contact you for the next step of the application process.

- I won't be able to make it every Friday practice.
It's understandable to not be able to make it every Friday, I am more concerned if you are free other days to be able to make up the practice days you couldn't make to.

- I'm not of age, can I still apply?
If you can prove to be responsible with practices, meetups, communication and decent availability then I may consider.

If you guys have any other questions please send us me a DM or contact @FreshofSquids via Twitter and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!



- Changed mandatory practices to be on Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM EST and updated a few other things on this page.


- We're accepting applications again!


- Changed how we contact you to "Discord Only" as everyone that applies should have a Discord as their main form of communication. If they don't accept the friend request in order to get a message from us in a timely manner, we will assume you do not plan to try out anymore.

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