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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
A small splatoon 2 clan!
Jun 5, 2019


Galatical Starships About:

Galatical Starships is a friendly discord clan. We're trying to host events monthly and get the server off it's feet. We welcome people of all ranks and ages to join the server! We're still improving by the very minute.

What we have to offer

☆Coaching for those who need help improving ☆Interactive and pingable roles
☆Podcasts and music voice channels
☆A suggestion channel!
☆Channels for off topic subjects
☆A vent channel
☆ much more...

Our Rules
1. Be a decent person [ Be nice please... ]
2. Don’t spam the chats. [ Invites and copypasta] Thank you.
3. Cursing is okay but only to a certain extent.
4. Please don't ask to be a mod. It's annoying. You'll be given a warning role, muted, or banned depending on how many times you've asked.
5. Don’t abuse pinning. Don't pin people for unnecessary reasons.
6. If you have a problem that needs to be addressed by a mod please mention @Epliptic Mods . If a mod is unavailable please mention the role @Galactical Admin .



Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great time in this server!
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