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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
A competetiv/casual splatoon 2 team
Jan 8, 2019


We are team NightFall, a European competitive Splatoon 2 team with two goals: improving at the game and having fun together.
Everyone is welcome on the server even if you don't want to play competitively so feel free to stop by. However if you want to join our Competitive team, more information for applications as well as the requirements to join will be provided down below.

Discord: discord.gg/ne2AdZX
Twitter: twitter.com/nF_NightFall?s=09
Twitch: Work in progress
(If the Discord link stops working please message me and let me know)
If you want to apply for NightFall you'll have to meet the following requirements:

- You have to be at least 15 years of age
- You need to be at least S+ in all modes
- You are required to have at least two main weapons and need to willing to learn more Weapons in the future
- You have to be Flexible
- You need to be a good Team player
- You need to know basic Callouts
- You mustn't be in another team already
- After being accetpted you have to add the Team Tag to your IGN
- Always do as the team leader says
- Have fun

Also your application should contain the following information:
- Your IGN
- Your age
- Your Timezone
- Your Playstyle
- Your Rank in all modes
- Your Main Weapons
- Are you able to VC and do you know/are you able to learn callouts
- When are you usually free

For example:
Age: 17
Timezone: CET
Playstyle : Front-/Backline
SZ: X usually 21xx
RM: X usually 21xx
TC: X usually 21xx
CB: S+1
Main Weapons: E-Liter 4K, Splattershot, Blaster
VC: Yes I'm able to VC and Callouts are known
When am I free: Usually everyday from 3pm-10pm

After you applied we will contact you as soon as possible, but we're still humans so it might take a while till we get back to you therefore please be patient with us. Thanks in advance.
After we've looked through your application we will contact you and give you the time and date for your first of three matches.
The first match will be a 1v1 against one of the Team leaders in all four modes.
If you pass the first match the second one will be a 2v1 with one of the Team leaders in your team. This will show how you work in a team with other people.
The third and final match will be in league to see how you perform under more serious conditions.
Note: We will try to inform you about the results as soon as possible but again we're just humans so you could get your results on the same day or a few day later.
If you didn't make it we'll still contact you to give you your results and to answer any questions as to why you didn't pass.
A List of all members as well as their Social Media links will be posted as soon as we have a few more members.

For more information either contact me here or on Discord under SPΞCTΞR#7275
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