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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
The nuttiest team around!
Apr 19, 2019


Peanut Butter Squids

We are a clan for beginners, veterans, and everysquid inbetween!
The main goal is to strive for self-improvement and having fun while doing so.

Some activities we have in-clan are weapon training sessions, Splatfest participation, Private battle minigames (such as hide and seek and fashion shows), as well as scrimmages with rival clans, Cards Against Humanity, and even Dungeons & Dragons!

Special roles are available for those who like to participate in Salmon Run, Fashion Shows, and D&D.

If you are interested in officially joining PBS, contact either @Zquid#9534 or @Crispy#9224, let us know on our Discord or on our Splatoon2 Amino Chat.
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