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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Battle and climb the ladder!
Jul 19, 2015


Splat Ladder is a means of competitive play in which players battle each other and are ranked based off of their performance. However, unlike common competitive play, players are ranked independently, rather than as a team. This is ideal for players who don't have access to join a team, but still want to face off in competitive play.

Battle Structure and Rankings
Once custom lobbies are released, 8 players (who signed up to partake in the session) battle each other and compete for the highest score using the formula "(turf inked) + (kills - deaths[100])". This goes on for however many games are decided for that session. The winner is determined by who has the highest average score among all of the games. Rankings for the ladder are determined by a player's average score among all of the sessions.

Kids and squids alike are welcome to participate in the ladder. First, you need to join the group by clicking the "Join Group" tab and declare your membership here. To sign up for a specific session, you need to make a post in said session's sign up thread, first come first serve. You also need a ooVoo for the sake of communicating during battle (it's basically a better version of Skype). A staff member or I will always have to be in a room for the sake of keeping score.

Questions and Comments
If you have any questions or comments feel free to post a comment in the Questions and Comments thread or message me directly on Squidboards. I'm also available on Twitter @GameGalaxy64 and my email is gamegalaxy64@gmail.com. For further information go to the Rules page in the forums.
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