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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
A community for squids with or without squads
Oct 18, 2015


hello squids and squidettes!

I am creating this casual environment for squids who want to make some friends and play squad battles without the pressures of being on a squad or winning that next tournament. It can be a place where many squads come together for a less competitive "fun zone." You can come as an individual without a squad, looking for a squad, in between squads or you can be a person who has no interest in playing competitively at all! It doesn't matter who you are, where you live or where you plan to take your splatting career in the future. Whether you are aiming for the top, or just want to paint some turf, Squidilicious is the place for you!

This is what I'm thinking. Squidilicious will basically be a Skype chat where you can meet people. If you like the people, then you can play with them in what ever fashion you prefer. If you don't like the people, then keep your mouth shut until someone comes along that you do like. This will hopefully create a "drama free zone" where we can all sit back, have fun and enjoy the game that we all love!

So here are the requirements to join Squidilicious.... You have to be a nice person! That's it! If you find this difficult at all, you might not want to join!

There is no "tag" and we are not a team. There is no rank or level requirement, however, I do wish you to be at least 16 years old. Adults have bad language and I have a hard time controlling it sometimes. -_-

You are allowed to be apart of a squad and still be Squidilicious since we don't compete. You can also use Squidilicious to find people who you want to form a squad with. Use it for whatever you like, but if you are rude in any way, you will be removed from the group. So just be nice and you're safe!

If you are interested, add me on skype. If you have any questions or concerns, send me a message via squidboards or skype.

I am S rank so I hope to find some high ranked players as well as some low ranked players so we can have a well rounded group.

Skype ID: sugareemkw
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