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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
An all girls clan for ladies who enjoy splatoon 2! comp and casual welcome!
Oct 14, 2018


Sugar Crush is an all girls Splatoon 2 clan! We are casual and competitive group based on discord! multi clanners welcome! fem aligned people welcome!

To become an official member you must first submit a application on our guilded! once sent, we (the admins and mods) will review it and decide if your a good match for our clan! if you make the cut you will then join our discord server! there you have to do three private 1v1 try-out matches with a mod or admin, these matches must be ranked however the outcome of the match doesnt matter! then you will gain access to the whole server!

We aim to make a welcoming and healthy environment for girls looking to get into the competitive scene as well as just being a place to relax and chat with girls with similar interests.

Our Clan tag is SC¤
if you join it isnt required to tag yourself in game, its just a way to recognize your fellow clan mates!

Every two months we host a movie night it is not required to attend, just a fun event! we're planning many more fun activities in the future as well!

You can find more information at our
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