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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
A group of squids dedicated to competitive Splatoon, and online entertainment.
Dec 31, 2015



☆ Team NorthStar ☆

This is the SquidBoards official page for Team NorthStar, a competitive and fun group dedicated to creating online content and reaching the high ranks of competitive Splatoon.

**Please be advised that we are currently not accepting applications for new members. All members are added into Team NorthStar by Invite only.**

☆ Staff & Members ☆
**Updated daily**

NS☆Paste - PasteCat
NS☆Sketch - Sketchtastrophe
NS☆Bread - Jenler_16
NS☆Cheetos - MajesticCheetos
NS☆SgtUber - SgtUber
NS☆Pyu - SaphiraEpona
NS★Poke - Poke

☆ Challenge us! ☆

We love to scrim and are looking to expand our list of friendly groups to spar with. Message PasteCat or Sketchtastrophe if you are looking to practice!

☆ Livestreams, tweets, and channels ☆

I regularly host Splatoon streams where I play viewer battles or ranked matches on my channel: www.Twitch.tv/PasteCat

I play regularly with the NorthStar crew, and showcase their skills. We're also working on a Youtube channel for our games. You can see our current content here: www.Youtube.com/user/Thecopycatonline/videos
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