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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Super Fresh Squidette Squad!
Jan 20, 2018


Hi there, inklings! :p

We are TeamSUSHIBAR, an all-squidette squad growing by the daily! In our group we aim for fun, friendship, and growth through playing Splatoon together!


Tired of seeing no joinable names in your friends list? Always dreamed of league but never had a band of fellows to blitz clams with? Well your prayers have been answered!

We consist of both casual and not-so-casual players, ranging from happy turfers to the most epic of leaguers. No matter what your splatoon interests are, you're sure to feel at home here. Regardless of age or location, you're sure to find someone to splat with!

Founded by our member Snowee and started from a humble r/Splatoon post, we've amassed over 40 members since our creation on January 16th. If you're a lonely squidette looking for a fun safe place to hang out and squid out with other girls, look no further!

To see more about us and what we've been up to, you can go to our Twitter to see pictures and clips of our group in action. Thanks for checking us out!

(note: we are an all-female group, so the only requirement to join us is being / identifying as female. Sorry guys!)
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