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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
The premier competitive Splatoon team
Aug 12, 2015



Welcome to Team Shoal!

We are an elite competitive Splatoon team based out of the east coast of the U.S.

What is a shoal you may ask? It's a group of squids, exactly what this team is all about.

Our goals are to have our members:
  • Strengthen the community
  • Meet new friends
  • Improve individual and competitive play
  • Succeed in competitive events
We have team members from all over the world and already we have already made a name for ourselves in the competitive community by participating in tournaments and scrimmages.

How to apply:

To apply we ask that you fill out a short application that includes:

Your age: (You must be 15+ )
Which weapons you use:
Why you want to join:
What level/rank you are in game: (You must be at least S)
What time zone/region of the world you are in:
Experience in a prior competitive team (Yes/No; if yes please specify):
Please submit applications here: http://squidboards.com/threads/post-applications-here.6322/ We are still taking applications!

If you don't fit the previous qualifications please do not apply.
The more detailed you make your application, the better chance you have to make it in! We appreciate all applications :)

If you are accepted, you can add the SHL tag to your Mii's name. Please message me for more details if you have questions.

In order to improve we will practice as a team. This means you must have access to Discord, a microphone, and of course, a decent internet connection. If you don't have access to these, we won't be able to efficiently practice and improve. We will assume that if you apply you have all of these available to you.

We hope to have a team of around 16 players, but if there is enough qualified players, we are happy to increase this amount.

Thank you! :D Please give us at least a few days to review applications.
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