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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
~Ride the vaporwave~
Aug 2, 2019


Apply here!:

Our team was made to help squids and octos improve, play, and have fun! We encourage having fun the most and plan on supplying our members resources to help them improve, an active clan, and supportive teammates! We have training 2 Saturdays in a row, followed by a Saturday without training. However, members can train during those Saturdays set aside for other activities/rest if they would like!

If you happen to enjoy vaporwave and vaporwave aesthetic, then this clan might be the right clan for you. Our theme is mostly based off of a mish-mash of vaporwave styles such as techwave and seapunk!

We are looking for players that live in either America or Europe. You must be at least 13, have a discord, and respectful of other people and their identities to join our clan. We have a low tolerance policy for rude behavior as our team is LGBTQ+ friendly.

We hope to see you soon future Nighters!
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