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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
The squad to end all squads.
Jul 13, 2016


The mission of this squad is to destroy the ranks of people that use save scumming.
Do you dislike a weapon? Well you probably do,so my squad will try to help you deal with that weapon hate and turn it into a slight annoyance with a weapon.You will most likely learn how to deal with that weapon and learn many things about other weapons.

  • MUST have a Discord account
  • Must be able to fight people in S/S+ rank
  • Must be able to have time to practice
  • This squad will be 50% FOR GLORY 50% FOR FUN
  • Most disliked weapon/special/sub?
  • What is your Time Zone?
  • Callie or Marie?
  • (optional) Have a Serenes Forest account(If you're into Fire Emblem)
Message me here or on SF if you want to join the squad or have any questions
(I'll send you a invite to the discord server if you answer my questions)
Other notes:The server will be used for squad meetings and FC/NNID exchange
Meetings will usually be held during weekends
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