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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Unique people united to form the strongest team!
Aug 5, 2015


Hello and welcome to Unique United. The clan is called Unique United because every individual person brings their own unique skill's to make the united formation of our team! This clans purpose is to be the very best out of all other clans in all of Splatoon. Be competitive, but also be understanding of the team as well. When we lose, we lose as a team. When we win, we win as a team!

Remember this game requires team work, which means you're other team mates will be counting on you just as you will be counting on them. Everyone has to be able to hold their own on the battle field while also being able to rely on other team mates for help.

As the squad leader I will do my best to help the whole team as well. I also give and accept advice for the whole team to improve. When one team member improves, the whole team improves as well (this includes myself)! And as leader I will be firm, direct, honest, and I won't condemn anyone for their skill level. Meaning I will mention the problem at hand if someone is lacking in skill so we all can improve. But I won't mention the problem in anger. I'm 100% honest but I don't put angry/rage emotion with it. I believe everyone can improve, but they actually have to want it in order for it to happen.

So please be very competitive but also very understanding if you wish to join this clan.

Requirements to join:
1. Be competitive (have the desire to want to win)
2. Be understanding (Try to stay calm if we lose)
3. Please be in the USA so there is no time difficulties.
4. Be able to follow orders. If I was in you're clan I would follow you're orders!
5. Please be at least B+ rank (is negotiable as long as you're willing to improve)
6. Be very active. Come online everyday for at least one hour.

One last note: This squad does not use Skype or TS (teamspeak). So if you were wondering if you need those or not, you don't need them. With my experience Skype and TS don't actually help in winning. Everyone has different experiences though. So if you disagree with me then this may not be the clan for you. Strategy and preparation are the key to victory. Communication is good but once a team gets in sync then talking will become obsolete! So communicating during battle is not required or needed.

To join just click the join button and give a reason why you would like to join and also give more information about you're skill and weapon usage on splatoon.

The clan will only accept members until the clan has 8 members. slots open to join: 3
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