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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
What doesn't splat us had better start running...
Feb 3, 2016


We're the Whiprays, a group of fun-loving and laid-back but highly competitive players who've banded together to create a squad designed to help us improve our game and break into the tournament scene. As A and S rank players, we strive to improve our game through strategy, teamwork and practice, practice, practice!

We have a full roster, and so are not currently recruiting. But if we start, you can find all the info you need about that here.

You can find our Youtube channel here. We don't currently have a twitch stream, but there might be one in the future!

The Whiprays also have two very proud and dedicated captains: SwimShady and Aristeia.

Our Roster:

Swimly (SwimShady): Team Captain/Slosher Main - Playing primarily support and turf control, my number one goal is to make it as difficult as I can for opponents to reach objectives. I eliminate enemy ink as soon as it hits the ground and I make sure my team always has an easy way back into the fight. My kill count may be low, but I don't need to splat anyone to be a pain in the *** and hold down the fort. I live for splat zones.

Aristeia (Aristeia): Team Captain/Brush Main - Heaven help anyone who meets this guy in a one-on-one. Aristeia is known to have a kill count in the 10's and 20's and is the driving force of our team, be it in offense or defense. Throw in his masterful handle on turf control, and you've got a lean, mean, splatting machine. I didn't even think KDR's like his were possible until I saw him in action. We're also fairly certain he can secretly teleport and that's how he gets around so fast. Aristeia is the wind beneath our wings.

Seth (boredguy108): Charger Main - Seth is the eyes and ears of the team. Rest assured that you won't so much as "Woomy!" without Seth knowing about it and telling us. Scarily accurate and often able to hold off an entire team on his own, Seth is a serious force to be reckoned with. With his sharp eye and memory for loadouts and lightning fast communication, we always know exactly what we're getting into and what to look out for, that is if the opponents manage to get past him.

Cam (Camster): Charger/Gal Main - This guy plays competitive Smash. Like, really, that's all the info you need for you to know that you're going to get your tentacles handed to you on a silver platter. We brought in Cam for extra range support and let me tell you, he is the Wonderbra of support players. Cam is also the one who vocalizes what we're all feeling, with such phrases as "Oh god, why" and "I just can't even deal." We're thrilled to have someone around who can say all the things we're too salty to say in a quiet, unassuming voice. Like a sweet, but highly deadly, lullaby.

XCuber (XCuber2): Blaster Main - What did you just say to him you little squid? I'll have you know XCuber graduated top of his class in the Navy Squids, and he has been involved in numerous secret raids on the Octolings, and he has over 300 confirmed splats. He is trained in gorilla warfare and is the top blaster in the Watch Me Whiprays armed forces. You are nothing to him but another target. He will wipe you out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in Inkopolis, mark my words. He will ink fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're flippin dead, squiddo.

Banksii: Blaster Main - Have you ever been flopping along, playing a fun game for nice people and then BAM a Luna Blaster pops out of the ink and wrecks your whole day and sends you back to spawn with a generous helping of salt? That was probably Banksii. It's generally a good idea to be anywhere he is NOT, because he will find you, and he will leap up from the inky depths and he will END you. He and XCuber on the same team is a bad time for anyone who even thinks about trying to push an objective.
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