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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
Fun and intensity-free. Community focused, easygoing Splatoon play. Any squad's members welcome!
Jan 20, 2016


Update: Thanks to everyone who applied! Woomy Dynasty applications are closed for the time being as we give the influx of new members time to settle.

Member Roster: 29


Group Summary:
We are Woomy Dynasty! A fresh community driven group! Our mission statement is to provide an active, fun, and stress-free environment.

If you’re looking for a fun, nerdy, and mature Splatoon community, we’re looking for you! We promote group play, personal improvement, and comradery.

We strive to maintain a pressure-free environment, specifically keeping elements out that can cause intensity/stress among members. These elements include bragging, arrogant behavior, showing off, attitudes of superiority, rank shaming, gratuitous K/D postings, and other actions that cause members to feel inadequate. This community aims to be fun and accessible.

We define ourselves as a 'community' vs. 'squad'. This is because members do not need to be exclusive to Woomy Dynasty. They are free to join other squads to achieve their competitive aspirations and still be members of this community. It is important to reiterate that we do not harbor competitive pressure here. If you join a competitive team, it's your responsibility to keep that competitiveness in-check while participating in Woomy Dynasty.

We are a Discord based group. Age requirement is 17+. We average an A- rank median; We recommend applicants have that level of experience in Splatoon or they might find it difficult playing with other members.

All applicants must trial play with leadership to determine if you're a proper fit for the group. We evaluate on personality, temperament, attitude, and general likableness. We do not weigh in player's skill, level, or rank when considering eligibility.

Fill out an application here: Woomy Dynasty is currently on hold regarding additional applications at this time!

We will respond as soon as we are able to review your information.

Play Schedule:


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