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Quick Overview

Tag Line:
we protect everyone from the bad WUT and VUT members!( join now)
Oct 17, 2019


so if you know WUT you might re-call GG gab talking about bad woomies. well we here find them and stop them from crashing squid parties and making WUT and VUT look bad. to join you must be willing to look and report bad woomies and octos because if they keep doing their thing WUT and VUT will be gone for good. just message me and then you can join. we will be recruiting 24/7 and we go on splatoon 1 and 2 and possibly splatoon 3 when it comes out. email me at dogelover56@gmail.com to report a bad woomy or octo and we will look into it. to report just email me and send me their nnid/friend code and their in-game name. thank you for choosing woomy guard as your protection services.
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