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A Guide to the New and Classic Squiffer

Everything you need to know to dominate ranks.

  1. NewLandofSand
    ----------GUIDE IS IN PROGRESS------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The Squiffer is a charger weapon that has the 2nd fastest charge time of all other chargers for a sacrifice of a little range. It's fast charge time allows for close-quarter one shot kills to quickly dispose of an enemy at a reasonably safe distance.
    This guide will teach you the essentials of using a Squiffer, such as..
    1. Techniques of chargers (ex. Flick shots)
    2. 1v1 situations against all weapons
    3. Gear that fits the gun well
    4. Safe map routes that prove efficient for the gun
    5. Much more

    We'll start off the guide by describing the roll of the two different Squiffers

    Classic Squiffer (Leading Support)
    Sub Weapon: Point Sensor
    Special Weapon: Bubbler


    The Classic Squiffer provides all the tools needed for becoming a scout and setting up approach options for your team. You want to abuse your point sensor when trying to move around corners and through enemy ink, although the Squiffer can charge fast, if you do not have an eye on the enemies whereabouts then you can be easily ambushed with little to tools to help you fight back. Due to this reason, it is best to paired with a roller or bucket friend as getting a point sensor off will allow the other player to find a way to force the opponent to either fight or flight, in either case they will be sitting a duck for the squiffers charge time can kill the opponent before the opponent can kill your friend. With the Bubbler, you can try and escape an ambush that you did not have enough time to prepare for. You should use the bubble for yourself only when you absolutely have to as you will not have much time with the bubble to counter strike alone. You should mainly use the bubble when in a group as the offense and ground coverage of a splattershot can allow an easier time for setting up safe snipes. Overall, you should use this weapon close to a friend as the threat of a quick snipe can startle your opponent, allowing for a psychological advantage.

    New Squiffer (Offensive Camp)
    Sub Weapon: Ink Mine
    Special Weapon: Inkzooka


    The New Squiffer allows great control over a fixed area to make it hard for opponents to break through into your territory. With the New Squiffer, you trade your tools that allow you to approach for tools that allow grand control over an area that would prove sitting duck to you otherwise. The ink mine can be utilized to cover side entrances, punish kids who try to ambush right on top of you, and allow your teammates to have some form of "backup" when trying to retreat. Since you don't have the point sensor to help approach and safely check corners, you'll need a teammate to help you gain control of an area, as its quite slow to cover ground with the squiffer. The inkzooka will help you take out opponents that the Squiffer's range cannot reach. It should become an extinct to activate the inkzooka against guns that outrange you since you'll most likely be dead before you can run. Overall, this weapon class gives you more freedom to control the enemies movement at the expense of your ability to take a lead for your team.

    Personally, I prefer the New Squiffer over the Classic Squiffer because the inkzooka and ink mine can help you in more dire situations, and overall allow to surprise your opponent more often.

    1v1 Situations (Favorable, Neutral, Unfavorable)


    Dynamo Roller

    Although you can normally kill a dynamo roller faster than they can flick, if you are at equal range then the dynamo roller will almost always trade with you. If you don't make the snipe on the first try, you WILL die. The dynamo roller will have an easier time killing you as he only has to aim at a general area of your body apposed to your slim line of fire. If you're confident in juking his first shot, then you can set yourself up for an easier shot.

    E-Liter 3K
    The E-liter's range is the only reason why you will lose most of the time in the first seconds of the guy. An ink mine nor a point sensor will help you against the E-Liter's power. Either try to find a safe route around him and challenge his snipe from a more advantageous position or if you're using the New Squiifer, just pop the inkzooka.

    Dual Squelcher
    The Dual Squelcher can approach you well with it's high range and fire power. The DS most likely won't be baited into an ink mine as it's range is far enough to be safe from it and kill you. You'll mainly have to catch a DS off guard to win a 1v1. If the DS is aware of your presence then pop the bubble or inkzooka.

    .96 Gal
    The .96 Gal challenges your ranges and kills you faster before you can even charge your gun up. Not to mention the splash wall/ sprinkler can make it harder for you to get a clear shot. There's really not much to do against this gun but to retreat or become bait for a roller/bucket friend for a kill. You could also just leave a point sensor and have another teammate deal with him.


    This weapon was a little hard for me to place into the right category. What mainly puts this weapon at an advantage against the Squiffer is that it can shutdown all if any approaching options. Whether its a disruptor or a point sensor, the Blaster will most likely be able to escape an favorable situation. It's spread can net you a death when trying to take advantage of slightly elevated positions. Overall, try to abuse your subs to when retreating, just outspace the blasters shots and go for the kill.

    Heavy Splatling

    The Heavy Splatling's splash wall and ranged assault of high powered shots make it hard to challenge this weapons from of camping. The inkstrike could also prove difficult, as it will force you out of a camping area, this weapon basically prevents you from trying to stay cozy in certain area. However, if you can make the enemy player abuse their ink on splash walls and random shots, taking them out should be piece of cake, as their escape options are limited to only swimming. If you cut off their escape route, they're done for.


    Aerospray MG

    This weapon was also hard to categorize. What doesn't put this gun in a lower tier of match ups is the fact that it can get it's hands on an inkzooka fast, which can be scary when in an early 1v1. The seekers also give the MG an option when they are outranged. However that's the only tools you'll have to worry about. If you can dodge one seeker the aerospray is left the only option to leave or else it'll be outmatched. When fighting an MG, just stick to linear combat and pop a special when you see it has a special ready, because the MG's will pop the inkzooka against a Squiffer.


Recent Reviews

  1. Bwarb Bwarb
    Bwarb Bwarb
    Really informative and has awesome presentation
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