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A short guide on teamwork.

Prepare to meet your best friends for 5 minutes, and you'll never see them again.

  1. GrandestMagus
    Why is teamwork important?

    Welcome to Solodeathtoon! That's what I would say if the game was more like call of duty.

    Teamwork needs to be done in every. Single. Match. that you will ever play in this game that you want to win. Teamwork is two or more members of a team working together in synergy in order to maximize effectiveness. Teamwork allows you to splat more, and cover turf more.

    How do I do a teamwork?

    Doing teamwork can be as simple as putting a splash wall infront of a friend getting attacked, or defending someone throwing out a inkstrike.
    Anyone who has played a team game before, in real life or not in real life. (I play DotA for example.) Will know how important it is to work with the team. In ranked, teamwork is more important, if you have communication, mabye tell your team to defend a zone instead of pushing because the enemies specials are ready and you know if your team wins a fight you can push out.

    Well, my team never helps me!
    You need to be the bigger man then, and help them out. Unless you are talking with skype or something, then your team is anonymous most of the time. Hey, your team helps you just by doing whatever they are doing. Sometimes it may not be your team's fault, but yours. (I.e jumping into the center of the enemy team and expecting your team to go in with you.)

    Some final examples of teamwork.
    Using point sensors to locate your foes.
    Any weapon with echo locator.
    Squid Beakons.
    Killing a foe with your friend.
    And more things that I am too lazy to type.


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Recent Reviews

  1. ChipsAhoy
    It's good. Just needs more info.
  2. flareon52
    just put in more information, otherwise it is good.
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