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Clam Blitz Guide

Clam Blitz in my opinion is the most unique ranked mode, and it has unique twists and rules in which you won’t normally find in the other ranked modes. Let’s dive in and learn some things about Clam Blitz!

Basic Rules:
The object of Clam Blitz, like every other Ranked Mode, is to lower your score down to zero. Once you achieve a score of zero you instantly win, with a knockout. However, most of the time your team won’t get the score all the way down to zero, and when the timer runs out, whoever has the lowest score will win. Games are five minutes long unless overtime starts.
To get points in Clam Blitz, you have to throw clams into the opposing team’s basket, which is located right outside of their spawn area. If it is your first time playing Clam Blitz, the basket will most of the time be close to the Rainmaker pedestal, but closer to the center of the stage.
The clams are scattered around the map, but they generally spawn a good distance away from your spawn point, and closer to he center of the map, similar to the Clam Baskets. They are generally by themselves, but they can spawn in groups of four. Inking the area below the clams will reveal them to your own team. So inking as much as you can is more crucial here than in other ranked modes! The clams will also be visible on your map, so superjump to teamates close to clams! Make sure not to steal them though!
Each clam you get into your opponent’s basket will give your team three points. However, the opponent's basket is protected by a barrier. The only way to break this barrier is by throwing a power clam at it. A power clam can be obtained when you collect 10 clams, which is the maximum amount of clams you can hold. Know that you can throw clams between teamates by pressing the A button. Use this to your advantage to build up power clams faster. Power clams can also be passed between players. If there is a power clam on the ground and you pick it up, you will drop all current clams you are holding.
Once you have obtained a Power Clam, you must throw it at your opponent’s basket, using the A button. The barrier will be destroyed for 10 seconds. In that time throw as many clams in the basket as you can. Clams deduct three points, Power Clams deduct 20. For every Clam thrown in, the timer will go back up a few seconds, meaning that the barrier will be open for even longer. Power Clams completely reset the timer.
Only one basket can be opened(a basket is considered open when it does not have a barrier) at one time, so if your opponent’s barrier is opened, your team’s barrier cannot be broken.
Once the barrier reforms, a power clam will be created of the team that’s barrier was broken. This gives the opportunity for that team to have a counter push. The barrier will be protected will for the next few seconds(you can’t open it with a power clam), or until the Power Clam that was just created is picked up. Whichever one comes first. Also use this to your advantage, and not pick up the power clam until the barrier gets lowered.
Penalty points also exist in Clam Blitz. You recieve penalty points after the basket’s barrier reforms. Penalty points are added equal to half of the points you gained after the barrier was last broken. For example, if you have 100 hundred points, and you throw a Power Clam at the basket, the points gets lowered to 80 (because Power Clams are worth 20 points). If no one else throws in a Clams, and the basket closes, 10 points will be added to your penalty counter, which is slightly below your score counter, because half of the 20 points that you earned is 10. Penalty points are just like regular points, and you have to lower them with clams and power clams. You can’t start decreasing your score again until the penalty points are brought down to zero.
If you are splated with clams, you will drop a certain amount depending on how many you were holding when you died, with a maximum of dropping 4 clams. If you are killed while holding a power clam, you will drop it, and it is able to be picked up by anyone else on your team for the next 10 seconds, however if no one on your team picks it up within those 10 seconds, it will break. No matter what the enemy team does, they can never pick up one of your team's power clams. Same goes for you picking up their power clams, you can’t do it.
When swimming in ink with clams, the clams will dive into the Ink and follow you. When you get a power clam, even if you swim in ink the power clam will not dive into the Ink. This is to further reveal your location to the enemy team.

Fun Facts:
-Specials can effect your clams. Splashdown and Baller spread your Clams around you once you use them.
-Jumping back to your spawn with Clams will destroy all of your Clams. Also just getting in the vicinity of your spawn will destroy them.
-When you are holding a Power Clam, you are visible to everyone like in Rainmaker when your are holding the Rainmaker. The giant Ranked marker will be over you one the map.
-When Power Clams are thrown, if they land on the ground they create ink in your color around them.
-Like in other Ranked modes, if the score ends up being tied the last person to score’s points will be increased by one point. This happens often when two teams throw Power Clams at the opposing team's basket at the beginning of the gane, but they don't throw in any more clams.
-Throwing 10 indivual Clams will give you 30 points, while a Power Clam only gives you 20, however it takes less time for the Power Clam to get all of those points.
-Only 50 Clams can be unclaimed on the map at a time
-Sprinklers can stick to a Clam Basket, as well as Suction Bombs.

-If you only hold nine clams at a time, when you find one clam you can throw one of your own, and repeat this process by picking up the clam you just threw and then throwing another one, the enemy team won’t be able to detect you because you don’t have a Power Clam.
-If you have a Power Clam and your special is Baller, you can use the Baller and get up to the enemy’s basket, instead Inkslopding and dropping the Power Clam, let the enemy break your Baller, because then you don’t drop the Power Clam.
-You can collect Clams while you are using an Inkjet and if you started near the enemy’s basket with a Power Clam you got, you can easily break open the basket when you super jump back.
-While Super Jumping back to your spawn destroys all clams and power clams you are carrying, you can Super Jump to teamates and Beakons, and if they are near the enemy basket, and you have a Power Clam, you can also easily break the barrier.
-Using a brush in Clam Blitz can be really beneficial because you can move around at fast speeds collecting Clams really fast.
-The Bubble Blower can protect you from enemy fire, if you aim your bubbles towards the enemy basket, you can get up close without taking damage.

Team Strategy:
-Everyone should have different jobs so you can maximize your efficiency, I recommend that you have someone who just runs around the map and tries to collects as many clams as possible. The weapon this person should be using should cover a lot of turf, so they can move around fast. Also have someone trying to push your enemies back, so the person collecting clams can get to the Clam Basket. They can have a weapon that can cover a little but also cover pretty well. Have someone defending your Clam Basket, but they should also collect clams around the area. I recommend your Clam Basket Goalie is a really good weapon for killing. Another job someone could have is just acting as a support role, so they can pick up clams and pass them to other players, and help the Clam Basket Goalie is they are in trouble.
-Make sure everyone is collecting clams, because it doesn’t hurt, and remember to pass the clams in between each other!
-Maintaining control of the middle area of the map is crucial, because this is where the most clams spawn, and swimming around fast to collect them is helpful. Clams are pointed out to everyone on your tea, if your team’s ink is under it.
-Memorize the areas where the groups of clams spawn, and if your weapon has a burst bomb, throw the burst bomb in the area where the clams spawned, so your team knows when they spawn again.

Thank you for reading this guide! If you see any grammatical issues or anything I should change or add , please contact me! I am happy to change anything!
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Loved it, the guide can help me because Clam Blitz is my least favorite mode. Excellent advice my friend.
Really Helpful ! Thx alot :D
This guide had some typos and only really discussed the rules of CB, rather than team strats
@Enperry I tried to fix as many typos as I could find, and I also added a few team strategies. Thank you for the feedback
There are a few typos but still its really good!
Yeah sorry. I typed it on a mobile device, and the keys are quite small. I will go through it again, but thank you for the rating! Also auto correct makes it hard.
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