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Do the Dualies!

Why, hello there, fellow inklings! It is I, the creator of that one charger guide I made like a year ago. Heh, I've gotten real rusty with that thing. Maybe I should go read my own guide? Anyways, that's not the point. The point is I ditched the charger for the dualies. Sorry Charger, I just suck with you now. Dualies! Yes, that's the weapon in this guide! Or should I say, weapons! That's right, there are TWO weapons now! You know the saying,
You have two hands, and they should both be killing! - Some old guy I found on the street

[Your Dualies and You]

Anyways, your Dualies deal a nice, healthy total of 28 damage a shot. Might seem weak, yeah, but these things shoot faster than the than The Flash on crack. Unfortunately for you, they have very little range. Thus proving Nintendo is ripping off Trac- Never mind. The neat little gimmick of this weapon... these weapons is that press that (B) button and you do a roll! Ain't that neat. I'll go into detail in a bit. What about you, though? Well, this guide ain't ABOUT you, is it?

[Where on the front should I be?]

Not on the backline, that's for sure. You, yes you, you pro turf war player, you dual-y boss, should be on the frontline. Spoiler alert, you aren't a sniper. And Han Solo dies, but mainly you aren't a sniper. (Apologies if I spoiled the force awakens for anyone.:oops:)
You're a flanker at heart, just like every other character with dual wield weapons. No, seriously.
You wanna be coming behind enemies, with two pistols, shooting a shot or 10 into their back, then phasing back into the ink, looking for your next target...
Anyways, creep on their backline, picking off anyone who isn't paying attention to you. Or, be on the very front, trying to fight others, or creating time with creative dodging. As a not-so-professional DotA player, positioning is key. The more your opponents don't see you coming, the better.

[Role of the Roll]

Er... you might not like the sound of this, but I wanted some extra G, yeah? So I decided to put an ad here for some crazy new drink. Trust me, it's great.
Here we go:

Hey you! Yes you! You fresh, fabulous ink child! Want to feel fresher? Try this new Roll-In-A-Drink! This new juice makes you roll, as long as you're pressing that (B) Button while firing!
Why would I want to roll?
Glad you asked, good friend! Rolling is great for confusing enemies as you go right to their side, as they need to take the time turning over to you, giving you that golden opportunity to hit them with ink! Not to mention rolling forward is a good way to close the distance with a foe! Another great part about rolling is that it sets you in a position allowing you to fire both weapons in a single stream, dealing more damage per second as long as you have good accuracy! Do not be worried, as moving will cancel the focus-fire. Another amazing side effect of rolling, no sir-ree, this great stuff isn't just about surprising your foes and closing in distance, it also lets you fall faster! Ain't that dandy. Afraid of a charger picking you off midair? A quick roll will solve that problem! Listen to these customer reviews!

"This ad got me more money, it's probably really cool."
- Ara/Grandest Magus

"I can fastfall just like my dreams from Melee!"
-Fox McCloud
Why shouldn't you roll!? Buy today at this number!

Or contact BUYOURSHISH.com!
(Disclaimer, site nor number does not exist. Maybe they do though?)

Alrighty, the ads over. Hope you men, women and other friends, enjoyed it. Let's go quick because I don't have a whole lot of time with this segment left.

- Roll to close in the distance
- Roll to surprise and confuse enemies
- Roll to fall faster
- Roll to dodge enemy fire and move behind cover
- Rolling changes the way you aim until you move.

[Your sub and special]

:burstbomb:Burst bombs! :burstbomb:
Geez, I needed to use a few emojis. They haven't been updated for splatoon 2 and it's putting me on edge, man. Burst bombs help you fight enemies that are out of your range, as well as covering walls faster. Use them when you can get someone from behind, as it helps you burst down an opponent faster.

:(Tenta Missiles:(
update emoji plis
Tenta Missiles are fun, but rarely help if I'm honest. If you can, use them to spread out large groups of opponents, making them easier for your team to take an objective, choke or just for kills.


Hope you got something out of this, wether it be helpful tips or just a laugh at the jokes or how bad this guide is. I'll take

criticism, and if you have anything to provide for the guide, please do tell.
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