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Do the (tetra) Dualies! Deux!

Do the (tetra) Dualies! Deux!

v -0.1 : Guide being worked on
v: 0.1 : Guide complete (7/3/2018)

Greetings, squid kids!

Hello, and welcome to the second guide in this "series" if you will. If you didn't know, I had made a guide far in the past, maybe when Splatoon Two released. It was a shorter guide, and in this one I will try to go into more details with my playstyle, the way I use the sub and special weapons, and more. I have a pretty good success with the dualies, and really enjoy using them. This will be a bit more brief, but I hope you get the jist.

The facts as we know them

This guide will focus on my favorite dualie(?) so far, the Dark Tetra Dualies. The wiki reads:
"These dualies put a significant emphasis on mobility. They allow up to four consecutive dodge rolls instead of the normal two, and also allow shooting while rolling."
You know how I love my mobility, so the tetra dualies are right up my ally. Even if this guide focuses on the tetra dualies, some tips may apply to other dualie variants as well.
Damage is 28 per hit, taking four shots to splat a target. The weapon is very mobile, and the range is mediocre.

More rolls than a bakery!

The trademark dualies roll is VERY powerful, but only if used correctly. If not, rolling could lead to more deaths than kills.
The Tetra dualies fire slightly slower than the normal dualies when not in roll, and have less accuracy non-roll. In roll, the Tetra dualies not only fire faster, but are more accurate. This compliments the constant rolling you'll be doing while using these weapons.
Of course, learning and mastering the roll is a big part of the dualies.
As a general tip, in combat, rolling straight forward is pretty much useless UNLESS you are using it to close the gap between you and a foe. Rolling vertically does this better, closing the gap AND making them turn to face you. Rolling side to side is great- as long as you aren't rolling willy-nilly. The main tip I apply is only roll when they turn to fire at you. If I engage, I roll once, when they re-adjust their aim, I roll again to confuse. At that point, if they aren't dead already after the second roll, I cry for my bad aim and repeat. You do have four rolls, but if you spam them they will run out fast. Panic rolling never helps. Stay calm, and use the rolls in a way where you get the most out of every one.
Rolling has a strange property that will make you fastfall if you roll mid-air. This is good and bad, and can be used to make yourself harder to hit if a charger is aiming at you when you're dropping, por ejemplo.
That pretty much covers rolling.

Autobombs (this is where my splatoon 2 smilies would be - if I had any!)

Unfortunately, you aren't the secret Expansion boss, so your autobombs are kinda mediocre. They will chase out the nearest enemy and explode. The catch? The bomb is outpaced by a light jog. Useful for enemies stuck in your ink (which happens never) and in enclosed areas and cornered enemies. Can also be used to flush out enemies.

Slam Dunk! Splashdown!

The Splashdown is a powerful ability, and an even more stylish one!
The splashdown will kill only close enemies. Careful, though. Splashdown IS NOT a panic button, you can still die when using it. Killing one person is usually enough to make use of the ability. Splashdown works well with the combat roll, closing in and DUNKING ON THAT SCRUB. Can help with capturing splat zones, too! Especially when there's an enemy on it. Also, you can be super duper cool and slam dunk when you're superjumping to thoroughly stop them from camping your jump ever again.

Game Plan and Mindset

My general strategy is to not focus on the objective unless there are a few enemies down. My role as I see it is to ANNOY. THE. CARP. out of the enemies. You want to be a thorn in their backside the entire game. Be annoying, take the enemies away from the objective and make them deal with you or pay the price. Granted, if an enemy flanker is annoying your team, see it as your job to deal with their flanker. Your teammates need to focus on the objective.
A rule I give myself is ALWAYS try to only fight one enemy at a time. You will lose in a 2v1 scenario pretty much always, as long as the enemies are of equal or greater skill. Use your mobility to get behind and to get the first strike on the enemy.

Specific Matchups

This section will be about certain weapon types that may seem problematic and a brief description of combating them.

Rollers: Rollers are an iffy matchup. You want to be close to your foes, but that's exactly where rollers want you to be, though. Keep your distance, make sure they are in your range, and pay attention to if they jump-fling or fling. In a jumpfling, roll to the side, normal fling, roll backwards to avoid it. If a roller jumps you, roll in the opposite direction.

Blasters: Blaster's splash damage can be painful. They punish you for rolling to the side. You have two options:
1. Get in their face, make them panic and miss. (High risk)
2. If you can, stay outside the effective range. Use ink to bob and weave in the blaster's range, and pop up and shoot them, run, rinse and repeat.

Chargers: Charger users are those guys you NEED to focus. They'll be in the backlines of the enemy, and as a flanker it's your job to attack the backline. Beware of oneshots, and roll when they take aim. Use autobombs at a distance, in case you can't reach them, to keep them busy and on their feet all the time.

Inkbrush: Almost the same as rollers, but running away is hard. The key is to not panic and to utilize backwards rolls to your advantage. Autobombs can help pressure the inkbrush users.


Well, we've reached the end of the guide. Apply what you've learned to your game. If you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions you want in the guide to help improve it, put it in the comments, and I'll most certainly credit you! This guide will constantly be improving and growing, as more comes to my mind.
Happy inking!
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This is really helpful, I always thought the DT Dualies were bad (Personally) because of their slow fire rate. I didn't know that when you roll they shoot faster! I'm now using them and applying all of the helpful tips you gave me!
Overall I found this guide really helpful and thorough! But I did have a question about rolling. First, when you said you roll twice to confuse the enemy, does that mean you roll twice in one direction, or do you roll left and then roll right?
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