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Dynamo Roller - Techniques and Concepts

Dynamo Roller

  1. reminder to self

    remember to include
    creeping- inching out of cover to reduce exposure time and conceal hitbox
    crash- aiming sideways to aim downwards at angles otherwise unreachable
    fade- a look at how height reduces turf efficiency and damage
    snaps- increase stage awareness with simple aiming speed
    strings- follow up a flick with zoning possibilities
    avoid bump- explain how bumping works and what not to do
    roasting- slow roll/ standing hitbox
    walls- explain behavior out of walls
    step off- be less predictable; dont always jump off of a platform
    deflecting- cancelling out a shot with a flick
    mucking- explain getting caught in enemy ink midflick. speed, how to react etc

    do pictures for:
    slipturf angle of attack for spread, angle conversion map explanation

    note for:
    spc attack faster
    downward blocking
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