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Flingza and you! (Commonly updated)

Flingza and you! (Commonly updated)

Ahh, the Flingza. A weapon that has received so many nerfs, despite being… not so good in the first place. A lot of people view it as the worst roller in the game, and that is understandable. But, what they don’t know is how to properly use it. Here, I will tell you, dear reader, the suggested way to use the Flingza. *note, this guide is for the base weapon, not it’s kit.*

Lets start out with the basic horizontal swing. This swing, while not suited at all for inking turf, is a great, in your face, kill option. It swings as fast as the normal roller, but has slightly less range than the normal roller. When using it, I try to get into the mind of a carbon roller and get in as close as I can get, ensuring I get within its kill range.

now, let’s talk about the vertical swing. Unlike the horizontal swing, it’s bad at killing consistently, but is suited for inking turf. I hardly ever use it for dealing damage, but I use it to ink turf almost primarily. The only time that you should use the vertical swing is when either: the enemy has already taken some damage from a teammate: or is within a normal roller’s vertical swing range.
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