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Guide To Dualies

This isn't a final go-to guide, just some things that I picked up.

  1. Woomers
    [ Guide to Dualies ]
    Hello! Welcome to an informational guide to using the Dualies: Splatoon 2's new weapon class! I know the Splatfest is over but I would at least like to give some advice to players who haven't gotten to play, missed their chance due to outside problems, or are interested in just learning more about the Dualies. I played with the weapon for a majority of the Splatfest, having around 30000p+ at the end of the Splatfest in total. So without any delay, here is a guide to help you learn to use the Dualies or just learn more about them. As a warning, this is all just speculation and can fluctuate as we learn more about these weapons once the full game is released. If anything new is found, I will update this page.

    [ Overview ]
    The Dualies are a weapon class in Splatoon 2 where the player has two weapons, giving them two reticles, and a wider range of coverage to their turf claiming. The weapons are high in mobility but lack in damage, making them preferred at close range. Dualies have the unique ability to Roll, allowing the player to dodge and maneuver enemy attacks, at the cost of the users' ink.

    The standard Dualies come equipped with Burst Bombs as a Sub and Tenta Missiles as their special, the special will lock onto an enemy and show a reticle for every enemy alive during then.

    There is also the Enperry Dualies (Unlocked at level 11) which comes with Curling Bombs as the sub and Inkjet as the special.

    Finally, there is the Dapple Dualies (Unlocked at level 26) has a shorter range and shorter, but quicker, roll. They come with the Squid Becon as a sub and Suction Bomb Launcher as the special.

    [ Preferred Roles ]
    This topic is not very important unless you really want to get competitive and plan out your team, this is just a suggestion.

    I found, as I was handling the weapon, that Dualies excel at two roles: Flanking and Midfield.

    Flanking: The surprise of a Dualie charging behind lines is scary, especially on Moray Towers, since they have the tools to locate and easily one vs one most weapons. They have Burst Bombs which can lend to easy surprise kills, they have their special to scope out the danger, and they have their infamous roll to really cause trouble. Enperry is not the best choice for this, however, it could be a good pressuring tool.

    Midfield: With the Dualies ability to dodge and do good damage, keeping mid has been somewhat easy for them. Their ability to "tuck and roll" lends them the advantage when dealing with other weapons. They also have their Burst Bombs which seriously give them an edge that provides them easy kill potential. However, if you have Enperry, this could be better to push people out of mid since you have lots of options to force them out.

    [ The Roll ]
    One of the best aspects of the Dualies is the ability to roll, which can be performed by the user only when shooting by jumping and moving the analog stick in the preferred direction. This allows them to flank, to maneuver, and to play mind-games with the enemy if used correctly. The roll takes a bit of ink to use, making ink consumption frequent if not managed well. I found that the roll shouldn't be used unless you have read the opponent to make sure your dodge can secure you a kill and allow you to escape.

    The roll also has another feature to it, the fast-fall. This option can be performed by rolling in the air. This ability is very useful on Moray Towers when rushing to mid or surprising enemies from behind. The fast-fall can be followed up with another roll if needed.

    More on this:

    [ Possible Counters ]
    While the Dualies have amazing close quarters combat ability, they severely lack in range. This allows weapons like the Charger and the Blaster can prove affective towards this weapon. However, weapons like the Roller and Octobrush can easily counter you with their spread which will cause you to lose space for rolling. Specials like the Inkjet can also be dangerous to Dualies. I highly reccommend to use the Burst Bomb set to counter inkjet and to allow you to do more damage to the counters.

    [ Possible Gear Choices ]
    These are all suggestions and subjective being that my play-style will not be the same as yours, so just take this with a grain of salt. I think that some of the best choices for Dualies would be swim speed up, ink saver main, and ink resistance. Allow me to explain.

    Swim Speed Up: While your roll is good, your swim is better. If you are to be playing Midfield, then you will need a way to run from Chargers or escape Inkjet. If you are playing Flank, then this could be great for escaping sticky situations.

    Ink Saver (Main): Dualies tend to use quite a bit of ink when firing, the roll also takes ink so it might be best to have as much ink as possible for flanks and escapes.

    Ink Resistance: I can't tell you how many times I rolled into Enemy Ink. The worst part is how it slows you, this leaves you open for an easy kill from Inkjets. To help manage that, the Res would allow you to not have as much of a punishment when in the ink. This can be very very handy to have.

    [ Final Words ]
    I love this new class, it has quickly become my new favorite. If I missed anything or you have any ideas that I didn't touch on, please leave a comment. Until release day, Stay Fresh!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Nerdbird
    Nice, informative and well-presented.
  2. RacingGamer
    The in-depth view of the dualies shows a great possibility of what can achieved and what the roll is. I will use this information for competetive play
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